• The Katy ISD Athletics Program consists of a coordinated sports program for boys and girls in grades 7-12 and is governed by the University Interscholastic League in Austin, Texas.

        Description of Katy ISD High School Athletic Programs

        All nine Katy ISD high schools will compete with a full complement of athletic programs that are offered by the University Interscholastic League. ​All athletic programs are under the direction of the Katy ISD Department of Athletics.

        Katy ISD athletic programs have been successful state-wide and have won 25 state team championships. The first state championship was won in football by Katy high school. Since 1997, Katy ISD teams have won state titles in football, girls' soccer, team tennis, spring tennis, boys' swimming, boys' track, wrestling and cross country.

        Description of Katy ISD Junior High School Athletic Programs

        All seventeen junior high schools will field teams in sports offered at the junior high school level by the University Interscholastic League. Junior high schools are aligned to specific high schools where the feeder pattern takes them. Junior High School contests are played in junior high gyms, high school football fields and tracks. If you have any questions regarding Katy ISD athletics, please contact the individual Campus Athletic Coordinators, Katy ISD Department of Athletics or athletics@katyisd.org.

        Mission Statement

        Consistent with the mission of the Katy Independent School District, the Katy ISD Athletic Department will provide an athletic program that helps develop the whole person through education and competition. In addition, the program will provide student-athletes with an opportunity to pursue and understand the values of attitude, character, commitment, leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability, decision-making, work ethic and team.

        Transformational Statement

        Coaches of the Katy ISD Athletic Program will develop relationships with the student/athletes in their programs in an attempt to empower, inspire and lead them toward excellence in all aspects of life through the development of integrity, respect, character and teamwork.​

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      • Athletic Department
        Lance Carter
        Executive Director of Athletics
        Phone: (281) 396-7781
        Fax: (281) 644-1802
        Email: Athletics

        Julie Vetterick
        Admin Assistant to the Director of Athletics
        Phone: (281) 396-7781
        Email: Julieavetterick@katyisd.org

        Stephanie McInturff
        Title IX Coordinator
        Phone: (281) 396-2904

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