View Grades, Assignments, Attendance, Library Books, Lunch Balance

    • The Katy ISD App allows you to view your child's grades, assignments, attendance record, library books, and cafeteria balance.
      • The grades and assignments are pulled from the Home Access Center. If your child's grades are not displayed in the HAC they will not show on the app either.
    • Select the Student Info icon
    • You will need to enter your Home Access Center login ID and password. If you don't know your HAC information, you can contact your child’s campus registrar. For difficulty logging into the Katy OnTheGo app, you can also email
    • Once you are logged in, you will see your child's picture displayed.
    • Click on your child's picture
    • To view grades, click on "Classes". You will see the grades on the right-hand side.
    • To view specific assignments and grades for those assignments, select a class
    • Enjoy the app