​About Us​

  • The Katy ISD Communications Office exists to support both campuses and administration in an overall effort to connect the district to the community. With more than 80,000 students, 9,900 staff members and 66 campuses, ensuring that the right communications is distributed at the right time can prove challenging. That is why the Katy ISD Communications Department utilizes a number of tools to communicate with its key stakeholders, the greater Katy community.

    The mission of Katy ISD is to provide unparalleled learning experiences designed to prepare and inspire students. As a communications team, our goal is to support this mission by meeting the communication needs of our schools, staff, students, parents and the community.

    To help make sure you are tuned in to Katy ISD Communications, we have outlined a number of tools below that we use to communicate with you.

    If, at any time, you have a question, or if you simply want to provide your campus with good news, you may contact the communications office via email at communications@katyisd.org, or by calling (281) 396-2308.

    How to Communicate with Katy ISD

    Campus eNews - Provides emails with updates and notifications from campuses. To subscribe to campus eNews, have a valid email address on file with the campus registrar.

    Social Media - Connect with Katy ISD on our social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


    KatyISD Update - A district-wide communication tool that sends updates to parents' email. Click here to subscribe to the Katy ISD Update.

    Parent Link Messenger - The district utilizes Parent Link Messenger to send out automated phone calls to notify parents of attendance, food service balances, and school closings/delayed openings, in addition to campus-based announcements.