• Instructional Materials Selection 2021

    ​Proclamation 2021 includes instructional materials for the following content areas:           

    • Pre-Kindergarten (English and Spanish)                                                  
    • Anatomy and Physiology  
    • African-American Studies                                                                      
    • AP US History
    • Automotive Basics
    • College Prep Math      
    • Computer Science Classes
    • Mexican-American Studies 

    Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA)

    The 2011 Texas Legislature passed SB 6 to create a new instructional materials fund from the existing state textbook fund and the technology allotment fund.

    School districts determine needs and have flexibility in what they purchase.

    1. Instructional materials now include textbooks, workbooks, supplementary materials, technology equipment, computer software, etc.
    2. Districts receive an Instructional Materials Allotment based on a per pupil amount.
    3. Instructional Resources - The Katy ISD curriculum does not rely solely on textbooks, but includes the use of a number of resources in the classroom, including online resources, literature libraries, technology, printed materials and many other hands-on learning tools.

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