• Course Selection Information:

    If you missed MRHS' Course Selection and AP/Dual Credit Night, or you want to revisit the information presented, you can view the presentations below:

    Katy ISD is also offering several Course Selection Webinars to assist in preparation for course selection. If you'd like information about these webinars, please view the flyer here.


    MRHS teachers have also created slides to highlight some course options available on our campus.


    Course Selection Timeline:

    PHASE I- February 5- February 19, 2024:

    • Students are selecting and submitting courses in SchooLinks Course Planner
    • Parents can view their students course requests in SchooLinks Course Planner

    PHASE II- February 20-March 8, 2024:

    • Students complete and submit Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) in SchooLinks Personalized Plan

    *Note: During Phase I and Phase II, counselors are meeting with students to assist with planning their courses.

    PHASE III- March 18 - March 26, 2024:

    • Parents view and verify course requests in SchooLinks Personalized Plans.
      • Please ensure 7 courses are selected and 3 alternative courses are submitted and ranked in order of preference.
      • This will be the last opportunity to adjust requested courses.

    PHASE IV- March 27 - April 3, 2024:

    • Counselors finalize course requests and approve students’ Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) in SchooLinks Personalized Plans


    What is SchooLinks?:

    SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to prepare students for what comes after graduation. The program is a tool to assist students in discovering interests and strengths, explore colleges and careers, and create an individualized career and academic plan that best reflects their post-secondary goals. SchooLinks is accessible in 6th-12th grades by students and their parents through MyKaty Cloud. The program features are user-friendly and are designed to streamline the college and career readiness workflow for counselors and staff.

    Using SchooLinks, students and families can:

    • Access career interest, strength, and mindset surveys
    • Explore 2-year and 4-year colleges
    • Create course plans based on career pathways
    • Take virtual reality college campus tours
    • Search for scholarships
    • Learn about financial aid
    • Find internship and volunteer opportunities
    • Explore traditional, emerging, and military career fields
    • Create digital portfolios/resumes
    • Communicate with counselors
    • Create a Personal Graduation Plan

    To access SchooLinks, login to myKatyCloud and select the SchooLinks application.