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          • Legacy Bricks

            THE LEGACY BRICK DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MAY 1! This year, Project Grade is offering Legacy Bricks! These are great gifts to leave a brick with your name and graduating class, and it is open to all Warriors! The online order form is HERE. Bricks will be laid at the front of the entrance. Proceeds will benefit Project Grad, and the deadline for purchase is May 1st. If you have any questions, contact Angela Bazzi via email at or via text at 713-444-9012.

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          • Jordan Legacies Spring Show 2024

            Buy your tickets now to attend Spring Show 2024 on April 26 & 27! You can purchase tickets on our website by clicking here! You do NOT want to miss it! Buy today before they sell out and come support your Legacies, Lega-boys, JHS staff, cheer, choir, band, guard, orchestra and more!

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          • STAAR EOC Testing Dates

            • English I - April 9
            • English II - April 11
            • Biology - April 16
            • US History - April 18
            • Algebra - April 23

            Testing begins at 7:15 am. Please ensure students arrive on time even if they have late arrival or Miller Career Center classes. All students not testing will go to class on a modified bell schedule. Please do not schedule appointments for students on testing days. EOC testing is required for graduation!

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          • Project Graduation Ticket Sales

            Hello Senior Parents! Ticket sales for Project Grad are out. If you would like your senior to attend, please print and fill out this form, and either drop it off at the address listed or send it with your student starting March 20, 21, 27, 28, April 3, and 4th at lunch. If you want to help with ticket sales, please sign up by clicking here

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          • Safety Guidelines for Bikers and Walkers

            Here are some essential guidelines to ensure your child's safety when they ride their bike to school, and we encourage all JHS families to discuss these important rules. 

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          District Announcements


            Recommendations by district personnel to purchase books new to the Katy ISD circulation are available for public review and comment prior to purchase. To review and/or comment on book titles currently being considered for district purchase, please visit the Book Titles Public Review and Comment dashboard.

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            Katy Virtual School (KVS) online classes allow secondary students to acquire graduation credits and/or expand their learning opportunities through paid, online  high school credit courses during the summer and school year.  

            KVS courses:  

            • Provide flexibility in scheduling.   

            • Allow students to get ahead on credits.  

            • Provide opportunities to access courses that are not offered on the home campus.  

            • Help students moving into Katy ISD from outside Texas to meet graduation requirements.   

            • Are developed and taught by Katy ISD teachers.   

            KVS offers over 60 approved College Board Advanced Placement (AP), Katy Advanced Program (KAP) and academic level courses. The cost is $200 per semester with reduced or no fees for students identified as economically disadvantaged. KVS is approved by the NCAA for student initial eligibility.   

            Registration opens February 1, 2024, for summer 2024, fall 2024 and spring 2025. Questions can be answered through your home campus counselor, Katy Virtual School FAQ, or email 

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            Students who unintentionally bring to school a prohibited item which is not illegal, may turn in the item to a staff member without disciplinary consequences if this is done before the item is discovered or reported by a staff member or another student. This option applies only to the first time the prohibited item is accidentally brought to school. The second time the prohibited item is brought to school, the item will be confiscated, and the student disciplined according to the type of item brought to school. Parents/ guardians may pick up confiscated items which are not illegal within two school days. Items not picked up within two school days will be discarded. Illegal items and items designated as evidence will be turned over to the Katy ISD police.  

            Students shall not possess or use:  

            • Fireworks of any kind, smoke or stink bombs, or any other pyrotechnic device 

            • A razor, box cutter, chain or any other object used in a way that threatens or inflicts bodily injury to another person 

            • A gun of any kind 

            • A toy gun/“look-alike” weapon 

            • An air gun or BB gun 

            • Ammunition of any kind 

            • A stun gun 

            • Mace or pepper spray 

            • Pornographic material or items 

            • Tobacco products, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any component, part or accessory for an e-cigarette device or accessory to vaping 

            • Devices designed to emit an electrical shock (such as a TASER) 


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            Katy ISD Parents and/or Guardians can view their child’s grades in the Home Access Center at any time. On the Grades page, you can access your child’s most recent progress report (IPR) and report card grades. On the Classwork page, you can setup personalized alerts for your child’s class averages. Based on the parent-defined percentage (%), you will receive an alert when your child’s average falls below or rises above a certain threshold. Select here to locate Instructions on how to setup grade alerts. 


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            House Bill 3, (88th Texas Legislature) requires the Texas School Safety Center, in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), to provide school districts information and other resources regarding the safe storage of firearms, including information on section 46.13 of the Texas Penal Code, for distribution to parents/guardians and community.  

            The Texas DPS has created a public relations campaign – Keep ’Em Safe Texas – that offers free downloadable resources to promote safe gun storage. Below you will find links to resources in English and Spanish.   

            Program Overview 8.5 × 11 Flyer: English / Spanish 
            12 × 18 Poster: English / Spanish 
            How to Talk to Others About Gun Safety 8.5 × 11 Flyer: English / Spanish 
            Ways to Safely Store Guns (Devices) 8.5 × 11 Flyer: English / Spanish 


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