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    You can email the Jordan High School Registrar's office at

    Enrollment Information
    Katy ISD Registration is currently online only. If you are new to the district, you will be enrolling your child electronically using Power School Registration. Please click on the link below for instructions on how to register your child.

    Please be prepared to upload the following documents during online registration:

    1. Proof of Residence: parents must upload proof of residence dated within the past 30 days, showing the parent/guardian's name and street address. A recent utility bill (electric, water, or gas), a house or apartment lease agreement, earnest money or purchase contract, and a letter from a mortgage company indicating loan approval or proof from the home builder/realtor of cash payment verification. If a lease agreement or purchasing paperwork is provided at the time of registration, a utility bill must be provided within 30 days of occupancy.
    2. Official Birth Certificate or Passport
    3. Guardian ID
    4. Immunization Records: The nurse on campus will check all immunizations. If a student needs additional immunizations that are required to attend school, she will communicate with the parent/guardian.
    5. Report Card or Transcript
    6. Withdrawal Documents from Previous School
    7. Helpful Information for Correct Class Placement: Please provide information on the type of courses a student has completed, including course descriptions, website information of former schools, and course catalogs. Sometimes, transcripts simply list “Math” or “Science” or “Social Studies”. Our registrars and counselors will need to determine what specific skills they were learning to assign course credit. For example, Math-Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2; Science-Biology, Physics, Chemistry; Social Studies-World History, World Geography, and Economics.

    Graduated between 2004 and present:
    If you are a current student or a graduate who graduated between 2004 to present, open the Electronic Transcript Request. These Transcripts can be sent to colleges, universities, or to an address you provide.

    Graduated before 2004:
    If you are a graduate who graduated before 2004, please complete the Transcript Request Form and e-mail it to a Registrar. Please provide a specific address on the form where the Transcript is to be sent.

    Withdrawal Information
    Please give the Registrar’s Office as much advanced notice as possible if you plan to withdraw your child. A parent/guardian must complete the KISD Leaver Form, and email the completed form and a copy of the guardian’s ID to the appropriate registrar: or

    Leaver forms:

    ​​Verification of Enrollment
    If you need a VOE for your Texas Learner License, please follow the link below:

    VOE Request for Learner’s/Driver’s Permit

    Verification of Enrollment (VOE) requested will be emailed to the parent email on file with Katy ISD.

    For all other VOE requests, please email your registrar. Please provide a written request outlining the details for the VOE and the address where it should be sent. Please include a copy of your driver’s license/school ID for verification.​​​

Contact Us

  • Jeff Faust​, Professional Registrar
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    ​Kelly Woodward​, Registrar
    Phone: (281) 234-8906​

    ​Kim Bridges, ​Registrar Clerk
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