• Student Parking Information 2023-2024 SY

    Students must have a valid 2023/2024 Student Parking Permit for parking on campus. Parking stickers should be adhered to the lower right front passenger window (interior) and clearly visible at all times. Security will monitor the student parking lots for these permits. Cars parked without a permit are subject to ticketing/booting (see below).

    To apply for and receive a parking permit, students will complete three steps. Read ALL the requirements before completing any of the three.

    1. FIRST, students will view the rules, regulations, and safety PRESENTATION and then complete a related driving/parking QUIZ. Note: Students must be logged into their Katy ISD Microsoft account to access the presentation. Students must score 100% on the quiz.
    2. SECOND, students and/or parents will pay for the permit. The cost is $55 and payment is only accepted online through Pay N’ Go JHS-Parking (the estimated open date is early August 2023)
      • Note: Parking permit fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If a parking permit is given to or sold to another student, both students could potentially lose their parking privileges for the remaining school year. If a student "loses" their parking permit, they will have to buy another one. Replacements are not issued. Parking is a privilege. A student's parking permit can be revoked temporarily or permanently for safety and driving violations. Suspension or full revocation will not result in any sort of refund.
    3. THIRD, students will log in using their Katy ISD credentials at the link below. Note, only students may access this link using their KatyISD credentials. Applications submitted by anyone other than the student requesting the permit will not be accepted.


    Students will need the following to complete the online application:

    1. Vehicle Information – Make, Model, Color, License Plate #
    2. Uploaded image or PDF of VALID student’s driver’s license
    3. Uploaded image or PDF of VALID proof of insurance which MUST include:
      • The name of the Jordan HS student and the vehicle the student will be driving
      • An expiration date not before August 16, 2023
    4. Confirmation number from the Pay N’ Go link noted in Step 2 above
    5. Both students and parents/guardians must read and sign the Katy ISD Board Parking policy, Katy ISD Discipline Management & Student Code of Conduct, JHS Parking Rules and Regulations, and Parking Agreement online. 

    How/Where to Pickup Your Parking Permit

    Please allow 24 hours for processing prior to picking up your permit. 

    Permits will only be given to the student driver and the student must show his/her ID to collect the permit.

    Prior to the beginning of school, permits will be distributed in the JHS rotunda at the dates/times below:

    • Monday, August 14 – 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday, August 15 – 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

    Beginning August 16, permits may be picked up at the 12th-grade AP office. 

    • NOTE: Permits will not be distributed on the morning of the first day of school.

    Parking Office: Room 2328 (12th grade AP Office)

    Hours: Permits may be picked up before school, 6:50-7:10, at the start of each lunch, during FLEX Enrichment days, during passing periods (no excused tardy passes issued), or after school from 2:35-2:50. Permits will not be distributed during class periods.

    Temporary Permit

    Temporary parking permits are only issued to students who have purchased a valid parking permit. If it becomes necessary to temporarily drive another vehicle, drivers will need to get a JHS Temp Tag from the parking office immediately upon arrival at school. You will need to provide the license plate number of the vehicle you will be driving. Temporary permits are issued for one day at a time unless a written request from a parent is presented. TEMPORARY TAG REQUEST

    Vehicle Change

    If you need to change vehicles during the year, update your information as soon as possible using the VEHICLE CHANGE FORM. The original sticker can then be transferred to the new vehicle AFTER the parking office has confirmed receipt of the new vehicle.

    Replacement Stickers

    You are responsible for your sticker.  Replacement stickers are not issued often. If you get a new car, please be sure to retrieve your sticker from the old vehicle.  The sticker can be transferred, and a vehicle change form completed.  If the sticker must be replaced for some reason, you will need to turn the old sticker into the 12th-grade office and pay a replacement fee of $25 (cash or check) regardless of the reason.  If you fail to retrieve your sticker from your old vehicle, you will have to complete a new parking permit application and purchase a new sticker at full price, regardless of the reason.


    Students are NOT allowed to park on campus without purchasing a parking permit. JHS security will monitor the parking lots.

    Students parking on campus without a valid student parking permit or in an undesignated parking area will receive a warning ticket AND a $25 fine. After two warning tickets/fines, cars will be booted. The fee for boot removal is $70.

    Note: Student-designated parking areas are the White, Gold, and Black lots only. Students parking at Adams Junior High will automatically be booted. Students parking in the Legacy Lot at the front of the school without permission are subject to ticketing with a $25 fine.

    If you have questions, please contact the 12th Grade Assistant Principal, Anne Beckman, at annembeckman@katyisd.org.




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