JHS Staff Directory

Administration Dr. Ethan Crowell Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.9006   

Administration David Calfee Associate Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.8262   

Administration Robyn Burks Student Support Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.8959   

Administration Anne Beckman 12th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.8269   

Administration Dustin Schmeits 11th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.8234   

Administration Derek Johnk 10th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.8244   

Administration Eddie Jenkins 9th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.9014   

Social Studies Patrick Ballay AP US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.9085   

Social Studies Dean Brantley World Geography/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8940   

Social Studies Ann Burke World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8934   

Social Studies Brittany Coker AP Psychology    Contact Phone: 281.234.8757   

Social Studies Jennifer Craddock Dual-Credit US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8201   

Social Studies John Damon Dual Credit Econ/AP Econ/Econ    Contact Phone: 281.234.9090   

Social Studies Mitchell Findley World Geography/Head Tennis    Contact Phone: 281.234.9098   

Social Studies Bryan Haire Economics/Swimming    Contact Phone: 281.234.9089   

Social Studies Mackenzie Hammond KAP World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.8273   

Social Studies Kirsten Hampshire DC/AP Human Geo/StuCo    Contact Phone: 281.234.8304   

Social Studies Cristoban Hernandez Dual Credit Gov/APUSH    Contact Phone: 281.234.8950   

Social Studies Kirby Hill World Geography/Asst Football/Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8213   

Social Studies Austin Jones Dual Credit Econ/AP Micro/Econ/Head Golf    Contact Phone: 281.234.9096   

Social Studies Kevin Lafollet World History/Head Girls Soccer Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.9131   

Social Studies Zachary Maddox World History/Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8205   

Social Studies Joshua McClendon World Geography/Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8292   

Social Studies Ronald Orr AP Comp Gov/AP World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8745   

Social Studies Katie Parker World Geography/Asst. Swimming    Contact Phone: 281.234.8317   

Social Studies Anthony Prusac W. Hist/Asst Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.8294   

Social Studies Madison Racicot US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.9150   

Social Studies Rennie Rebe Government    Contact Phone: 281.234.8204   

Social Studies Andrew Rice World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.8203   

Social Studies Mary Sorhus US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8274   

Social Studies Rebecca Vandagriff AP US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8740   

Special Education Aaron Anderson SPED Inclusion/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8265   

Special Education Caitlin Atlee RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.8243   

Special Education Shanna Canales Res Alt/Co-Teach/Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8961   

Special Education Alexandria Carter Resource/Softball/Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.2797   

Special Education Cedric Cooney ASIP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8954   

Special Education Argelia Ferrer Hajos 18+ Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Lori Glass Work Based Learning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8932   

Special Education Mae Green Life Skills Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.8919   

Special Education Tammie Green Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Taryn Hepler ICS Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Shadria Hubert ASIP Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Nabiha Javeri ICS Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Carmesha Jones ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.8905   

Special Education Gary Kraus RISE/Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8243   

Special Education Melinda Kubecka Diagnostic Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.8226   

Special Education Lindsey Labry ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.9101   

Special Education Jamie Lail LifeSkills Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Tanner McGee In-Class Support/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.2275   

Special Education Kimberly McKean Resource Mth/In-Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.8958   

Special Education Grant Mitchell Life Skills    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Anthony Moore ICS Aide/Boys Basketball/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8298   

Special Education Yaneth Morales LifeSkills Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education David Myers ICS Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Naquita Patterson ICS Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Taylor Rambo Co Teach/Girls' Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8744   

Special Education Angela Ruske 18+    Contact Phone: 281.234.8339   

Special Education Sylvia Santiago Delgado WBL Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Lisandra Sevilla Work-Based Learning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8902   

Special Education Julia Shannon ASIP Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Richard Shannon Res Alt Math/ICS Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.8336   

Special Education Gary Sonnenfeld Resource English    Contact Phone: 281.234.8921   

Special Education Kelsey Teague Work-Based Learning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8901   

Special Education Paul Thompson Resource Algebra/Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8920   

Special Education Anjali Vaidya ICS Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Loren Williamson Resource English/ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.8230   

Security Cristina Cantu Katy ISD Police    Contact Phone: 281.234.9280   

Security Mike Renger Security Guard    Contact Phone:    

Security Listian Rustem Katy ISD Police    Contact Phone:    

Security Antoinette Stamps Security Guard    Contact Phone:    

Support Staff Katelin Beckham Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.234.8330   

Support Staff Don Cashman Field Engineer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2967   

Support Staff Miriam Courtney Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.234.8755   

Support Staff Twana Davis Speech Language Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.396.2081   

Support Staff Kristi Folse Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.234.8220   

Support Staff Danielle Fuchs Math Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.8306   

Support Staff Kristi Garcia LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.234.9272   

Support Staff Ann Haworth Clinic Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.8240   

Support Staff Manda Koch Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.234.8227   

Support Staff Jessica Lackey LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2254   

Support Staff Jennifer Lennox Campus Technology Designer    Contact Phone:    

Support Staff Sarah Lizana Social Studies Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.8208   

Support Staff Jessica Oakley Science Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.8307   

Support Staff Randi Ramsey English Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.9251   

Paraprofessional Staff Aida Buitrago ESL Aide    Contact Phone:    

Paraprofessional Staff Mackenzie Caldera Front Office Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.9008   

Paraprofessional Staff Nichelle Conner RISE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.   

Paraprofessional Staff Chandra Donaldson In-Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.3792   

Paraprofessional Staff Antonio Duenez RISE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.3795   

Paraprofessional Staff Ramie Garcia Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.8236   

Paraprofessional Staff Mandy Green Textbook Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.9024   

Paraprofessional Staff Kathy Herrera ESL Aide    Contact Phone:    

Paraprofessional Staff Marcie Impastato Athletic Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8263   

Paraprofessional Staff Kara Jeffries Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.9006   

Paraprofessional Staff Blanco Katherine 10th Grade AP Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8244   

Paraprofessional Staff Gidget Kogucz Associate Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8262   

Paraprofessional Staff Danita Lambert 12th Grade AP Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8269   

Paraprofessional Staff Yvonne Menzies 9th Grade AP Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8959   

Paraprofessional Staff Veronica Morse Delgadillo ESL Aide    Contact Phone:    

Paraprofessional Staff Carly Olivier Front Office Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.9009   

Paraprofessional Staff Tonda Urbanowski 11th Grade AP Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8234   

Registrar Kimberly Bridges Registrar Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.8906   

Registrar Jeff Faust Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.234.8906   

Registrar Kelly Woodward Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.234.8906   

Attendance Michelle Eugate Attendance H-O    Contact Phone: 281.234.8222   

Attendance Mabel Florentino Attendance P-Z    Contact Phone: 281.234.9016   

Attendance Maricela Murillo Attendance A-G    Contact Phone: 281.234.8670   

Attendance Paula Whitlock Attendance Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.8219   

Counselors Amber Bentley Counselor (M-Pe)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8225   

Counselors Andrea Beverly Counselor (Pf-S)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8225   

Counselors Christina Blanco Counselor (A-Cn)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8310   

Counselors Angie Eller Counselor (H-L)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8310   

Counselors Kathryn Feagins LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2641   

Counselors Joan Ferguson Counseling Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8225   

Counselors Penny Long Counseling Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.8310   

Counselors Tanya Marshall Lead Counselor (T-Z)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8225   

Counselors Melanie Piche Campus Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8935   

Counselors Demi Stillinger College and Career Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8676   

Counselors Tammy Veliz Counselor (Co-G)    Contact Phone: 281.234.8310   

Athletics Mabry Allen Track Coach/PAALs    Contact Phone: 281.234.8202   

Athletics Aaron Anderson Boys Basketball/SPED Inclusion    Contact Phone: 281.234.8265   

Athletics Christopher Babin ISS/FB DC    Contact Phone: 281.234.8917   

Athletics Dean Brantley World Geography/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8940   

Athletics LaShelle Brown Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8217   

Athletics Shanna Canales Volleyball/Res Alt/Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.234.8961   

Athletics Alexandria Carter ICS Aide/Softball/Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.2797   

Athletics Kate Comeaux Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8283   

Athletics Steven Cortez Biology/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.9086   

Athletics Robert Courtney Boys Soccer/Bio/Aquatic    Contact Phone: 281.234.8756   

Athletics Benjamin Duhon Football/Wrestling/Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8914   

Athletics Alexis Endsley Asst Golf/Statistics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8945   

Athletics Mitchell Findley Head Tennis/World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.9098   

Athletics Miranda Garcia AP Env Science/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8329   

Athletics Brianna Gutierrez Cheer/Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8749   

Athletics Bryan Haire Swimming/Economics    Contact Phone: 281.234.9089   

Athletics Ryan Henry Football Offensive Coord/KOLA    Contact Phone: 281.234.8212   

Athletics Kirby Hill Asst Football/Baseball/World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.8213   

Athletics Erika Hodges Cheer/Family and Consumer Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8326   

Athletics Kathy Johnson Softball/Business    Contact Phone: 281.234.8948   

Athletics Charlie Jones Boys Basketball/Boys PE/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8214   

Athletics Austin Jones Head Golf/Dual Credit Econ/AP Micro/Econ    Contact Phone: 281.234.9096   

Athletics Gary Kraus Boys Basketball/RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.8243   

Athletics Kevin Lafollet Soccer/World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.3506   

Athletics James Lane Football/Boys Track/Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.234.8270   

Athletics Zachary Maddox Baseball Head Coach/World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.8205   

Athletics Charles Mattingly Football/Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.234.8943   

Athletics Bradley Mbu Health/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.9083   

Athletics Joshua McClendon Baseball/World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.8292   

Athletics Tanner McGee Football/In-Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2275   

Athletics Lacey McMahon Cheer/Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8323   

Athletics Jason Meekins Head Boys' Soccer/Financial Math/Accounting    Contact Phone: 281.234.8299   

Athletics Anthony Moore Co-Teacher/Boys Basketball/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8298   

Athletics Jacob Norton Football/Algebra 2/Algebra Reasoning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8930   

Athletics Katie Parker Asst. Swimming/World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.8317   

Athletics Shalesha Pierce Head Girls' Basketball/Human Development/Counseling & Mental Health    Contact Phone: 281.234.8941   

Athletics Anthony Prusac W. Hist/Asst Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.8294   

Athletics Mike Rabe Football/Athletic Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8263   

Athletics Taylor Rambo Girls' Basketball/Co Teach    Contact Phone: 281.234.8744   

Athletics Rennie Rebe Head Girls' Soccer/Government    Contact Phone: 281.234.8204   

Athletics Andrew Rice Outdoor Education    Contact Phone: 281.234.8203   

Athletics Dranae Rison Track/English 1, 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8215   

Athletics Tracy Robertson Boys Basketball/Football/Health    Contact Phone: 281.234.8910   

Athletics Sebastian Salazar Football/Baseball/Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8909   

Athletics Twyla Shannon Girls Basketball & Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8295   

Athletics Brittny Thomas Health/Leadworthy/VB    Contact Phone: 281.234.3481   

Athletics Paul Thompson Boys Soccer/Resource Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.8920   

Athletics Kymberlee Trnka Girls Cross Country/Track/Bio    Contact Phone: 281.234.8320   

Athletics Jennifer Vaden Volleyball/Girls PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.8210   

Athletics Mark Wallace Physics/Boys' Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.9084   

Athletics Mike White Head Wrestling/Health    Contact Phone: 281.234.8308   

Athletics Kylee Wilkinson Cheer/Anatomy & Physiology/Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.8937   

CTE Christopher Babin Health/Softball/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8917   

CTE Hailey Ann Booth DC CTE/Art Animation/Graphic Design    Contact Phone: 281.234.3791   

CTE Brady Bowling Business Marketing    Contact Phone: 281.234.8345   

CTE Matthew Caterina Business    Contact Phone: 281.234.8929   

CTE Jessica Dykes Agriculture    Contact Phone: 281.234.8933   

CTE David Fleming Agriculture    Contact Phone: 281.234.8235   

CTE Trevor Gibson Digital Art and Animation    Contact Phone: 281.234.8327   

CTE William Goss Engineering/Robotics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8238   

CTE Brianna Gutierrez Health Science/Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8749   

CTE Ryan Henry KOLA/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8212   

CTE Erika Hodges Family and Consumer Science/Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8326   

CTE Robert Jewett CS I/AP CS PR/CS Data ST    Contact Phone: 281.234.8912   

CTE Kathy Johnson Business/Softball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8948   

CTE Ezhilarasi Kalathy Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8947   

CTE Brooke Lowery Agriculture    Contact Phone: 281.234.8911   

CTE Blake Lowry Engin Des/Engin Sci/Prin Appl Engin    Contact Phone: 281.234.9270   

CTE Lara Luca Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8250   

CTE Charles Mattingly Leadworthy/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8943   

CTE Natalie Meekins Nut/Hum Dev/Fashion& Int. Design    Contact Phone: 281.234.8924   

CTE Patricia Nieto Engin Sci/Engin Des Prob Solv/Arch Design/Engin Sci    Contact Phone: 281.234.8750   

CTE Shalesha Pierce Human Development/Counseling & Mental Health/Head Girls' Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8941   

CTE Cassandra Randall AV Prod/Digital Arts    Contact Phone: 281.234.8296   

CTE William Schieffer AP CSA/AP CS PR    Contact Phone: 281.234.8293   

CTE Twyla Shannon Health/Med Term/9th Volleyball/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8295   

CTE Nakesia Thomas Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8261   

CTE Colleen Thuesen Business    Contact Phone: 281.234.9087   

English Ashley Adams English    Contact Phone: 281.234.8297   

English Rebecca Ballard English 4/Strategic Literacy/ AP Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8284   

English Kerstin Blansit ESL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8233   

English Amananda Breland ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.8223   

English Bill Clouse English 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.1926   

English Emma Cook Debate    Contact Phone: 281.234.8248   

English Emily Cooley English 2 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8743   

English Jeanne Damon ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.8209   

English Alex Dubois Dual Credit English/English 4    Contact Phone: 281.234.9099   

English Jonathan Frishman AP Seminar/AP Research/Academic Decathlon    Contact Phone: 281.234.3799   

English John Glass English 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8319   

English Macey Godfrey Dual Credit English/English 4    Contact Phone: 281.234.8952   

English Morgan Mcleod English 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8325   

English Morgan Midkiff Eng 2/AP Literature    Contact Phone: 281.234.8252   

English Stacey Naylor English 1 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8321   

English Cheryl Pratt Yearbook/Journalism/Prin Ed Train/PhotoJ    Contact Phone: 281.234.8285   

English Caryn Rasberry Eng 1 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8341   

English Emily Regetz AP Seminar/AP Lang    Contact Phone: 281.234.8264   

English Dranae Rison English 1, 2/Track    Contact Phone: 281.234.8215   

English Julie Robison English 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8758   

English Kayla Roca DC/AP Literature/English I KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.9092   

English Kathryn Shepherd English 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8267   

English David Sieloff AP Lang/Newspaper    Contact Phone: 281.234.8206   

English Gary Sonnenfeld Resource English    Contact Phone: 281.234.8921   

English Rocksann Springer English 3    Contact Phone: 281.234.8742   

English Ryan Sumner English 1/Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.234.8342   

English Jennifer Tang Eng 1 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8266   

English Vanessa Weir English 2 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8939   

English Loren Williamson Resource English    Contact Phone: 281.234.8230   

English Julie Yeager English 3    Contact Phone: 281.234.8344   

English Christina Zapalac English 4    Contact Phone: 281.234.8275   

English Alexis Zhao English 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8216   

Fine Arts Lauren Batchelor Asst. Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8259   

Fine Arts Clayton Benoit Fine Arts Clerk/Color Guard    Contact Phone: 281.234.8216   

Fine Arts Katrina Cerk Drawing 1 & 2/Painting 1/AP Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.8268   

Fine Arts Kyle Davis Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8322   

Fine Arts Audrey De La Cruz Assistant Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8962   

Fine Arts Daniel Galloway Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8260   

Fine Arts Raegan Grantham Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8276   

Fine Arts Cedric Ingram Painting/Art 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8759   

Fine Arts Ashley Marmaro Assistant Dance    Contact Phone: 281.234.3796   

Fine Arts Andrew Midkiff Theatre Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8239   

Fine Arts Adrian Munoz Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.8744   

Fine Arts Mitchell Vereide Assistant Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8260   

Fine Arts Heather Villano Theatre Assistant Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8328   

Fine Arts Victoria Way Dance/Drill Team Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8241   

Fine Arts Alex Worrell Assistant Dance/Drill Team Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8241   

Fine Arts Sunny Yam Assistant Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.8322   

Fine Arts Yuri Zaroli Art 1/Ceramics/Sculpture    Contact Phone: 281.234.8936   

LOTE Martha Arredondo Spanish 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8200   

LOTE Nancy Barajas Spanish 3 KAP, AP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8231   

LOTE Alinee Carreon Spanish 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8257   

LOTE Maria DeGraaff French 1-2, KAP & AP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8232   

LOTE Rosa Fischer Spanish 1    Contact Phone:    

LOTE Adriana Ibarra Spanish 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8931   

LOTE Lizeth Kreidie Spanish 2 & 3    Contact Phone: 281.234.8254   

LOTE Jennifer Martin German 1-3, AP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8256   

LOTE Jessica Nogueira Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3 & 4, AP Spanish Literature    Contact Phone: 281.234.8253   

LOTE Lilian Perez Gonzalez French 2/Spanish 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.9088   

LOTE Johanna Quintero-Perez Spanish 2 & 3 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8316   

LOTE Kiki Scoggins Chinese 1-3, AP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8312   

LOTE Valentina Slaveva Spanish 1 & 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8249   

LOTE Ninfa Thomas Spanish 1 & 3    Contact Phone: 281.234.9095   

Math Erika Berk Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.9271   

Math Desmond Charlton Algebraic Reasoning/Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8922   

Math Jim Dang PreCal/Calculus AB    Contact Phone: 281.234.8915   

Math Eryn Dorsey Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8311   

Math Benjamin Duhon Geometry/Football/Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.8914   

Math Alexis Endsley Statistics/Asst Golf    Contact Phone: 281.234.8945   

Math Jennifer Harris AP Statistics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8951   

Math Divya Kaushal Algebra 2 KAP/Aca Dec    Contact Phone: 281.234.8300   

Math Catherine Kraus Algebra 2 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8271   

Math Xiangping Liu Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8272   

Math Maura Lytle Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8946   

Math Earl Malveaux Pre Calculus/Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8944   

Math Brianna McGee Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.8229   

Math Kimberly McKean Resource Alg 2/Alg Reasoning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8958   

Math Lacey McMahon Algebra 2/Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8323   

Math Jason Meekins Financial Math/Accounting/Head Boys' Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8299   

Math Jacob Norton Algebra 2/Algebraic Reasoning/Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.8930   

Math Sebastian Salazar Algebra 1/Football/Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.8909   

Math Richard Shannon Res Alt Math/ICS Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.8336   

Math Atrayee Singha Algebraic Reasoning    Contact Phone: 281.234.8318   

Math Katie Statham Math DC/Pre Calculus KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8211   

Math Michaela Stinchcomb Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8908   

Math Ada Sun Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8213   

Math Paul Thompson Resource Math/Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8920   

Math Hunter Truong Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.234.8258   

Math Dorota Veldkamp Geometry KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8251   

Math Xue Wang Pre-Calculus KAP/Geometry KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.8900   

Math Thomas Wernau Calculus    Contact Phone: 281.234.8938   

Science Emily Beckwith AP Env Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.8957   

Science Kris Breis Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.8338   

Science Alexis Clowtis Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.8315   

Science Steven Cortez Biology/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.9086   

Science Robert Courtney Bio/Aquatic/Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.8756   

Science Zachary Daubert Physics/AP Physics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8752   

Science Angela Davila Biology/Forensics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8314   

Science Thad Ekle Aquatic Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.9102   

Science Miranda Garcia AP Env Science/Basketball    Contact Phone:    

Science Jonathan Hatton Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8305   

Science Kate Herman Physics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8746   

Science Susan Holzknecht Bio/SciOly    Contact Phone: 281.234.8303   

Science Oscar Le AP Biology/Environmental Systems    Contact Phone: 281.234.9094   

Science Annie Nguyen Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.9093   

Science Jennifer Notz DC Science/Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8291   

Science Heather Paulson Chemistry, AP Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.8207   

Science Kaitlyn Poploski Physics    Contact Phone: 281.234.8343   

Science Julie Royer IPC    Contact Phone: 281.234.9091   

Science Robbin Shepherd Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8955   

Science Luz Todeschini AP Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.8907   

Science Kymberlee Trnka Bio/Girls Track/Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.234.8320   

Science Mark Wallace Physics/Boys' Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.9084   

Science Marie White Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.8302   

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