• The Role of the School Counselor

    The Katy ISD guidance and counseling department consists of 54 elementary counselors, 134 secondary counselors, and 10 college and career facilitators that service over 90,000 students at 73 campuses. Our program is committed to delivering a comprehensive school counseling program. In addition to developmental guidance instruction, counselors utilize their specialized skills to counsel individuals and small groups, providing a more targeted level of intervention and support.  

    Throughout the day, students can access their counselor(s) by making an appointment or asking their teacher to visit the counseling office. In collaboration with parents and other educators, counselors often consult regarding a student’s immediate need or concern, to identify the best method of intervention.  All of our counselors are trained to support students who may be exhibiting signs of a possible mental health crisis. If you feel that your child may need mental health support, please reach out to your school counselor for assistance. Your counselor is here to assist you and your child to attain their academic, career, social, and emotional goals. Please contact your child’s campus counselor if you have any questions. 

    Katy ISD has a College and Career Facilitator (CCF) on each high school campus. The goal of the facilitator is to assist students in preparing for life after high school whether that is college, trade school, military, or the workforce. The CCF will provide services to assist students and their families in maximizing their educational experiences and exploring their college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) opportunities. 

    Introducing New Counselors and New Alpha Split

    Counselors are divided by alpha last name and serve students from 9-12th grade. For the 2022-2023 academic year, a few adjustments will be made to the counseling alpha split as shown below. 
    SENIORS and senior parents, please take note as this could affect college applications if you have to provide a counselor's contact information.

    A-Bo - Glynn Guynes -  Lead Counselor - Contact
    Br-En - Laura Farnsworth - Contact
    Er-He - Jackie Swinney - Contact
    Hi-Mar - Ken Maddock - Contact
    Mas-Pa - Danell Karasek - Contact
    Pe-Si - Amy Bryant - Contact
    Sk-Z - Crystal Lang - Contact

    Counselors Secretary

    Leilani Quinones Ph: 281.237.6783
    Betty Covert Ph: 281.237.6780

    To contact your counselor please scan the QR code below

    Contact your counselor using this QR code

    Schedule Changes

    Schedule changes after the beginning of the school year will ONLY be granted in the following cases:
    •    Error in scheduling on the part of the school
    •    Student failure in a prerequisite course
    •    Change in the program (athletics, band, choir, orchestra, etc.)
    •    Level changes (KAP/AP to Academic) as recommended by teacher/counselor with parental consent and principal approval
    •    Student did not meet standard on EOC or benchmark test
    Should you have any questions, please reach out to your student's counselor

    Introducing SchooLinks

    SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to prepare students for what comes after graduation. SchooLinks helps students discover their interests and strengths, explore colleges and careers, and create an individualized career and academic plan that best reflects their post-secondary goals.

    SchooLinks at Katy ISD is accessible in 6th-12th grades by students and their parents. SchooLinks features are incredibly user-friendly and were designed to streamline the college and career readiness workflow for counselors and staff.

    Using SchooLinks, students and families can:
    •    Access career interest, strength, and mindset surveys
    •    Explore 2-year and 4-year colleges
    •    Create course plans based on career pathways
    •    Take virtual reality college campus tours
    •    Search for scholarships
    •    Learn about financial aid
    •    Find internship and volunteer opportunities
    •    Explore traditional, emerging, and military career fields
    •    Create digital portfolios/resumes
    •    Communicate with counselors
    •    Build their Personal Graduation Plan
    Student Login: Students will log in to SchooLinks via my Katy Cloud. Then select SchooLinks logo
    Parent/Guardian Login: Parents/Guardians will have login access to Schoolinks at a later date.
    If you want to learn more about SchooLinks please visit hello.schoolinks.com.

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