• Testing

    Major Tests

    A major test is one that culminates in a substantial instruction sequence, counts in grade averaging more than a daily grade, and is scheduled at least one day in advance.

    In order to avoid students having an excessive number of examinations on one day, the following is the major test schedule for all grade levels:

    Odd Calendar Dates: Math, Social Studies, Electives

    Even Calendar Dates: Language Arts, Science

    Example: Wednesday, October 16th could have tests given in Science classes and Language Arts classes due to the date being an even numbered day.

    Occasionally, alterations to the testing schedule may occur with the approval of administration and notification of grade level teachers.


    Short-check tests which count no more than a daily grade and may or may not be announced in advance. Quizzes that are given with prior notice will count as a minor grade.

    Re-Teach & Test Corrections Procedures

    • Students who do not exhibit proficiency in a major grade (grade below 70%) must attend a re-teaching session and complete test corrections outside of the regular class period.  For a major project or a major writing assignment, a correction plan will be developed by the content team, instructional coach, and approved by a supervising Assistant Principal prior to being assigned.

      • Re-teaching can occur:  before school, during class, during lunch, Advisory, or after school. 

      • Re-teaching should be differentiated if it occurs during class.

      • Test corrections can occur:  before school, lunch, Advisory or after school.  

      • Test corrections cannot occur during class.

      • Re-teach and test corrections may occur simultaneously.

      • Teachers must contact parents if a student completes test corrections outside of normal school hours.

    • Students who fail a major grade and do not attend an assigned test correction session will be referred to the grade level AP by the teacher and notify the parents.

    • Students will have an opportunity to complete test corrections for credit recovery up to 70%. 

    • Students have one week from when they receive the grade to complete test corrections.

    KAP/AP/Dual Credit Expectations

    KAP/AP/Dual Credit courses are designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for success in college-level coursework in high school and beyond. These advanced or above grade level courses move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging and require more independent learning than academic courses (for more information, as well as exit criteria, please refer to the KISD Secondary Grading and Reporting Handbook).

    Final Exams

    Exams count 15% of the semester grade. After-school activity is decreased during final exams.  Students are not allowed to take final exams early for any reason.

    Missed Semester/Final Exams: Any missed exams/assessments must be taken within two weeks from the final day of the semester in which the exam is missed or a grade of zero (0) will be given for the missed exams/assessments. Students will be given an “I” in the subject in which an exam/assessment is missed until such time as the exam is either completed or the deadline has expired for taking the exam. Students that are absent from school during the final week of the school year could become ineligible for promotion based on missed exams or be required to attend summer school due to a zero on an exam. It is important that all students be in attendance through the final day of classes.