• Important Attendance Information


    • All students must sign in/sign out with the attendance office when arriving after 7:15 am and/or leaving before 2:35 pm. The only exceptions are the scheduled late arrivals and early dismissals.
    • If your student will be absent for the entire school day, please fill out the online form on the Paetow High School Website under the Families Section. If your student is out for many days, please email their grade-level attendance clerk.
    • If a student leaves campus without permission, it will be an unexcused absence (No Exceptions).
    • Doctor’s notes must be received at the attendance office within five (5) days of the visit. 
    • Miller students' absences must also be reported on this email

    Attendance Errors/Corrections

    • If you notice an error in your student’s attendance, please contact the teacher first.  Once the attendance has been verified, the teacher will notify the attendance office for corrections. 
    • Parents can access their student’s attendance history at the Home Access Center to verify attendance corrections. 
    • Please allow 24-48 hours for corrections to be submitted.

    Student Pickup

    • Students signed out from school during the school day by someone other than the guardian: an email from the guardian must be received noting the student’s name, what time student will be signed out, the reason, and who is signing student out. A copy of the guardian’s picture ID will be needed also.

    Students Who Drive to School and Need to Sign Out

    • A note to the attendance office must be received or an email to allow the student to sign-out and drive off campus.  The email and note must include the student's name, time of dismissal, copy of guardian picture ID and that the student is driving off campus.
    • Students must have parent/guardian permission before being allowed to leave campus even if the student is 18 years of age.

    Compulsory Attendance Notifications (CAN Letters) 

    • A CAN letter will be mailed when your student has one or more of the following, including full or partial days:
      • A student has three (3) or more unexcused absences in a four-week period.
      • A student has ten (10) or more unexcused absences in a six-month period.
    • If you receive a CAN letter from the district, you are allowed five (5) school days to resolve it with the attendance clerk.  Unresolved CAN letters may result in a Court Warning Notification and/or subpoena.

    Failure to Attend School Notifications

    • A Failure to Attend School Notification letter will be mailed when your student has excessive absences because of personal illness for one or more of the following: full or partial days.
      • A student has eight (8) cumulative personal illness days in a six-month period.
      • A student exceeds five (5) consecutive personal illness days.
    • If you receive this letter, all future absences because of personal illness will require a statement from a physician or health clinic to be excused.

Contact Us

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