PHS Staff Directory

Administration Dr. David Paz Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.4906   

Administration Brandi Price Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.4906   

Administration Lauren White Associate Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.4912   

Administration Courtney Calfee Student Support Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.5103   

Administration Rachel Grubb 504/MTSS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5108   

Administration Cayla Kargar Student Support Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5108   

Administration Jonathan Wood 9th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.4988   

Administration Pamela Long 9th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281-234-5000   

Administration Amber Salazar 10th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.5070   

Administration Crystelle Reyes 10th Grade Assistant Principals Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5298   

Administration Corey Adams 11th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.5161   

Administration Lucy Medina-Vasquez 11th Grade Assistant Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5289   

Administration Patrick Page 12th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.5299   

Administration Kevin Weber Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.5268   

Administration Flor Avellaneda 9th Grade Assistant Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5070   

Administration Jennifer Buzzaird 12th Grade Assistant Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.4988   

Administration Natalia Flores Associate Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.4912   

Administration Miriam Stewart Athletic Coordinator Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.231.4941   

Administration David Hicks Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach    Contact Phone: 281-234-4940   

Alison Leslie Instructional Coach-Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.5025   

Jordan Lopez Instructional Coach-Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.5069   

Joy Marshall Instructional Coach-Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5087   

Andrea Nguyen EL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5283   

Megan Thompson Instructional Coach-ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.4926   

Kendra Brown Campus Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.7543   

Attendance Liza Briones Attendance Clerk 9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.5127   

Attendance Brenda Fields Attendance Clerk 11th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.5159   

Attendance Shannon Rodriguez Attendance Clerk 10th Grade    Contact Phone: 281-234-5127   

Attendance Stacie Scott- Hargrove Attendance Clerk 12th grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.5160   

Counselors Susan Caceres Counselor (Students Le-Mo)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Nicole Decuir College & Career Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Karen Flores Counselors' Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Nitzia Guillen Counselor - ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5196   

Counselors Cheryl Maeker Counselor (Students Cas-Gal)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Jennifer Marquez Counselor (Students Mu-Ree)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5208   

Counselors Sade' Moore Counselor(Ref-Tik)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5237   

Counselors Katie Motl GT Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.396.2683   

Counselors Emily Shine Counselor (Students Gam-Ka)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Miranda Simpson Counselor Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.5287   

Counselors Victoria Skeete Counselor - SPED    Contact Phone: 281.234.5084   

Counselors Nicole Staley-Brown GT Facilitator    Contact Phone:    

Counselors Traci Wagner Lead Counselor (Students Til - Z)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5042   

Counselors Darrick White Counselor (Students A-Car)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5208   

Registrars Greg Little Professional Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.234.5059   

Registrars Teresa Mena Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.396.7723   

Registrars Sofia Vasquez Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.234.4935   

Librarian Leslie Baker Library Media Specialists    Contact Phone: 281.234.5098   

Nurse Jordan Lambert Registered Nurse (Students A-L)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5069   

Nurse Dr. Lauren Jarvis Registered Nurse (Students M-Z)    Contact Phone: 281.234.4946   

Nurse Brenda Jordan Clinic Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.5063   

Testing Kendra Brown Campus Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.7543   

Electives Katy Beer Business / Career Prep    Contact Phone: 281.234.4944   

Electives Vance Brassell Agriculture / FFA/Wildlife and Fisheries    Contact Phone: 281.234.4905   

Electives Ashley Bromgard Fashion Design/Counseling and Mental Health    Contact Phone: 281.234.4917   

Electives Michelle Carrejo Lifetime Nutrition/Wellness/Assistant Girls Basketball    Contact Phone:    

Electives Wendy Fausset PBMF    Contact Phone: 281.234.5155   

Electives Avery Gillman Sports Marketing/Entrepreneurship/Assistant Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.5229   

Electives Sara Gonzales Journalism / Yearbook / Digital Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.4991   

Electives Alice Guardado Photography/Panther TV/Comm Photography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5272   

Electives Gerald Hynes Digital Art / Assistant Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5013   

Electives Felisha Johnson Med Term/Principles of Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5079   

Electives Melissa Johnson Business BIM    Contact Phone: 281.234.5021   

Electives Madeline Kerr Digital Arts and Animation    Contact Phone: 281.234.4926   

Electives James Kingsmill Communication/Debate    Contact Phone: 281.234.6081   

Electives Juan Marquez Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5115   

Electives Jessica Miksch Principles of Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.4928   

Electives Sarah Olmstead Agriculture/FFA/Floral Design    Contact Phone: 281.234.4966   

Electives Rachel Packman Lead Ag / FFA/Floral Design    Contact Phone: 281.234.4961   

Electives Kevin Packman Ag Mechanics    Contact Phone: 281.234.4964   

Electives Jay Patel Engineering/Robotics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5140   

Electives Stefanie Patricio Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5105   

Electives Tiffany Peters Business    Contact Phone: 281.234.5194   

Electives Brandon Ruby Engineering / Arch    Contact Phone: 281.234.5279   

Electives Alex Song Medical Terminlolgy    Contact Phone:    

Electives Daniel Umanzor Digital Communication/Production/Panther TV    Contact Phone: 281.234.5280   

Electives Reagan White Lifetime Nutrition/Interior Design/Assistant Volleyball/Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.4959   

Electives Renee Wilson Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.234.5274   

Electives Aunnika Wittner Equine Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.4960   

Electives Erica Wood CTE Department Chair / Family & Consumer Science / FCCLA Adviser / Varsity Cheer Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.4962   

Electives Blake Yorloff Financial Math/Assistant Football/Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.5057   

Electives Jaquie Zubber Principles of Hospitality and Tourism, Dollars and Sense    Contact Phone: 281.234.5121   

Electives Adisyn Zupfer Human Growth & Dev.    Contact Phone: 281.234.5080   

English Levi Aaron English II/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5293   

English Sara Alborzi ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5071   

English Lena Angel English IV    Contact Phone: 281.234.4970   

English Kendell Bermingham English IV    Contact Phone: 281.234.5290   

English Kimberly Boyd Strategic Reading/Creative Writing/Assistant Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5287   

English Lorenzo Dolphus English IV / Head Girls Track / Assistant Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.234.5294   

English Jennifer Garanzuay ESL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.5292   

English Wesley Geigley English IV / Assistant Football / Assistant Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5148   

English Holli Hartman English I/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5133   

English James Idea English I/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.4812   

English Adrian Jimenez-Lara English II    Contact Phone: 281.234.2054   

English Payton English I/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5202   

English Camilo Layne English III/Assistant Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.5258   

English Tammy Lo ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5134   

English Wafa Manning English I    Contact Phone: 281.234.5138   

English Kelli Matthews English III    Contact Phone: 281.234.5195   

English Colleen McKinney ESL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.5117   

English Ashlei Mitchell English III    Contact Phone: 281.234.5105   

English Justice Mora English III    Contact Phone: 281.234.5116   

English Jennifer Murray Dual Credit English    Contact Phone: 281.234.4949   

English Clayton Odom KOLA/Assistant Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.4949   

English Tyshonda Okere English Department Chair/English IV    Contact Phone: 281.234.5291   

English Sarah Palanpurwala English I    Contact Phone: 281.234.4934   

English Jessica Parris English I    Contact Phone: 281.234.5195   

English Tracy Price English II/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.4932   

English Anna Reyna ESL    Contact Phone: 281-234-5004   

English Dawoud Rivas English AP Literature    Contact Phone: 281-234-5109   

English Cynthia Robinson English AP Literature/E4    Contact Phone: 281-234-5123   

English Ruth Rozas Strategic Reading/Creative Writing    Contact Phone: 281.234.5130   

English Erica Russell English III / Assistant Softball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5193   

English Brennan Saddler Dual Credit English    Contact Phone: 281.234.0420   

English Meredith Sanchez English III    Contact Phone: 281.234.5182   

English Myrea Schmidt Strategic Reading/Creative Writing    Contact Phone: 281.234.5276   

English Katie Semmier English-AP Language    Contact Phone:    

English Michael Slade English 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.5054   

English Lester Stone English II    Contact Phone:    

English DeVonte Thompson English-AP Language/AP Seminar    Contact Phone: 281.234.5132   

English Andrea Trahan English II    Contact Phone: 281.234.5135   

English Waynette Williams English 1    Contact Phone: 281.234.4930   

English Althea Williams KOLA    Contact Phone:    

Fine Arts Victoria Caterina Dance/Junior High    Contact Phone: 281.234.4972   

Fine Arts Jeslian DeCesare Drill Team    Contact Phone: 281.234.4972   

Fine Arts Aundray Edwards Band    Contact Phone: 281.234.4975   

Fine Arts Alice Kim Orchestra    Contact Phone: 281.234.5068   

Fine Arts Elizabeth Mace Theater Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.4967   

Fine Arts Miranda Maldonado Art/Ceramics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5264   

Fine Arts Anthony Nieves Assistant Theatre    Contact Phone: 281.234.4969   

Fine Arts Sara Proodian Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.4998   

Fine Arts Jahnari Pruitt Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.5262   

Fine Arts Greg Redner Head Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.4974   

Fine Arts Mary Shenouda Art I    Contact Phone: 281.234.5076   

Fine Arts Tiffany Stockton Art I    Contact Phone: 281.234.4931   

Fine Arts Corey Swann Asst. Choir    Contact Phone: 281.234.5221   

Fine Arts Matt Tavilson Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.5260   

Fine Arts Kevin Thompson Assistant Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.4975   

Fine Arts Vino Underwood Art/Fine Arts Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.4951   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Sarah Abbott American Sign Language    Contact Phone: 281.234.4990   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Ruth Carrasco Maduro Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.4968   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Juan Flores Spanish    Contact Phone:    

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Fanny Franchetti French    Contact Phone: 281.234.4994   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Doris Gonzalez Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.5147   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Pamela Kepley American Sign Language    Contact Phone: 281.234.5184   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Norma Leon Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.5295   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Christina Marcano Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.5097   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Paola Martinez Spanish    Contact Phone:    

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Shellby Michel De Maldonado Spanish-Spanish Speakers    Contact Phone: 281.234.5137   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Julia Willey Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.5224   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Josephine Wong Spanish for Spanish Speakers/Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.4992   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Myrna Zardenenta Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.5190   

Math Reem Alrubaye Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.5153   

Math Justin Arukwe Geometry (KAP)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5074   

Math Dale Bloom Discrete Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.5150   

Math Ryan Carnley Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.4973   

Math Benjamin Clifton Algebra II    Contact Phone: 281.234.5275   

Math Adawndra Curtis Academic Support Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.4933   

Math Jacob Denman Algebra II    Contact Phone: 281.234.5129   

Math Albert Diaz Pre-Cal KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5163   

Math Tal Dinh Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.5169   

Math Haley Escamilla Geometry (KAP)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5106   

Math Amos Gbumblee Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.5148   

Math Bo Gilbert Dual Credit Math/College Prep    Contact Phone: 281.234.5278   

Math Andres Gutierrez Algebra I    Contact Phone: 281.234.5240   

Math Albert Hernandez Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5201   

Math Rachel James Algebra I/Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.5065   

Math Rolanda Jimenez Geometry (KAP)    Contact Phone:    

Math Jonathan Kauffman Academic Support Math/Head Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.5039   

Math Alyx Kruse Algebraic Reasoning    Contact Phone:    

Math Linzhou Li Algebra II (KAP)    Contact Phone: 281.234.3331   

Math Nick Montefusco Algebraic Reasoning/Assistant Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.4924   

Math Shelby Morris AB Calculus    Contact Phone: 281.234.9890   

Math Ashley Orbe Algebra II    Contact Phone: 281.234.9887   

Math Juan Pantoja Algebra II    Contact Phone: 281.234.4956   

Math Khoa Pham Geometry (KAP)    Contact Phone: 281.234.4987   

Math Kayla Reyna Statistics    Contact Phone: 281.234.4925   

Math John Schwabenland Pre-Cal KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5128   

Math Michael Simpson Pre-Cal KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5016   

Math Tariq Sultan Algebra II    Contact Phone: 281.234.5191   

Math Renee Summers Algebra II (KAP)    Contact Phone: 281.234.5177   

Math Kendall Truong Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.4958   

Math Melissa Watts Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5028   

Physical Education Charlie Ayro ISS/Football Defensive Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.4930   

Physical Education Ryan Baker Health / Head Softball Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.   

Physical Education Haily Barncastle PE/Head Girls Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5008   

Physical Education Ashley Bodison Leadworthy/Assistant Girls Basketball/Track    Contact Phone:    

Physical Education Alyssa Brown P.E. / Head Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5008   

Physical Education Mikayla Brownlow Assistant Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.237.5018   

Physical Education Dustin Cedidla Head Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.234.5018   

Physical Education Kenneth Decuir PE / Head Boys Track/Assistant Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.234.5006   

Physical Education Clyde Edwards Leadworthy/Assistant Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.5054   

Physical Education Shelby Gimmestad Pals/KVS/Assistant Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5055   

Physical Education Bryan Hicks PE/Assistant Football/Golf    Contact Phone:    

Physical Education Lester Jackson ISS/Head Tennis    Contact Phone: 281.234-5171   

Physical Education Josh Kluka ISS/Head Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.4930   

Physical Education Ralph Marron Leadworthy/Assistant Football/Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5055   

Physical Education Michael Niemi Health/Head Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.4927   

Physical Education Wesley Nichols ISS/Assistant Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.5171   

Physical Education Kimberly Perez Health / Head Golf    Contact Phone: 281.234.5015   

Physical Education Matthew Rhodes Health / FB Offensive Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.1294   

Physical Education Stacey Stroman Department Chair/KVS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5019   

Physical Education Javier Valdez Leadworthy/Head Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5257   

Science Keith Adarkwa Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5061   

Science Asma Akhter Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5032   

Science Stephanie Bell Aquatics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5189   

Science Tyliel Bradshaw Biology/Assistant Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5211   

Science Bryana Casilla Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5035   

Science Carolina Cavazos Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5267   

Science Cynthia Dagnogo Environmental Systems/Earth and Space    Contact Phone: 281.234.5039   

Science Fatima Essarrakh IPC    Contact Phone: 281.234.4976   

Science Chinyere Ezluloh Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5052   

Science Ana Guevara Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5124   

Science Sevim Hancioglu Physics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5239   

Science Alex Hoyt IPC/Assistant Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.5134   

Science Kashfia Islam Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.4984   

Science Kalani Jasperson Forensic Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5122   

Science Michael Johnson Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5249   

Science Charlotte Krueger Forensic Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.5147   

Science Ting Li AP Env. Science/AP Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5146   

Science Bryan Lindsey AP Environmental Systems/Environmental Systems    Contact Phone: 281.234.5162   

Science Christopher Mahendran Aquatics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5060   

Science Tonya Mayberry Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.4939   

Science Madeline Meuth Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5170   

Science Stephen Niejadlik Physics    Contact Phone: 28.234.5126   

Science Leslie O'Brien Anatomy/Physiology / Assistant Swimming    Contact Phone: 281.234.4938   

Science Tyler Paxton Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5034   

Science Samantha Pietrowski Science Department Chair/Aquatics    Contact Phone: 281.234.4955   

Science Diego Renteria Haro Biology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5164   

Science Shawn Rimassa Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.237.6694   

Science Saddia Shaikh Anatomy/Physiology    Contact Phone: 281.234.4977   

Science Eric Tadt AP Physics    Contact Phone: 281.234.4908   

Science Matthew Upright Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.234.5192   

Science Brian Villalba Environmental Systems    Contact Phone: 281.234.9893   

Science Valerie Wingerson Aquatics/Head Diving    Contact Phone: 281.234.3311   

Social Studies Amanda Ankney Social Studies Department Chair/KAP/AP Psychology    Contact Phone: 281.234.5072   

Social Studies Kevin Arevalo World Geography/Assistant Track    Contact Phone: 281.234.5122   

Social Studies Erin Atwood AP U.S. History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5007   

Social Studies Anna Barker World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5232   

Social Studies Alycia Bowling World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5186   

Social Studies Lisa Brown U.S. History    Contact Phone: 281.234.4982   

Social Studies Amy Cowley World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5171   

Social Studies Kara Culp World Geography/Sheltered World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5045   

Social Studies Anthony De Carlo World Geography / Asst. Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5154   

Social Studies Daniel Graham AP Human Geo/AP World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5011   

Social Studies Jamie Hebert Psychology/Sociology / Asst. Volleyball / Asst. Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.234.4980   

Social Studies Jordan Hebert U.S. History    Contact Phone:    

Social Studies Tanner Holley World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5119   

Social Studies Laura Hormann KAP World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5179   

Social Studies Katie Howard Government/Economics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5295   

Social Studies Daniel Hurley AP Economics    Contact Phone: 281.234.5271   

Social Studies Jonathan Jackson US History / Asst.Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.4915   

Social Studies Alfonso Jaime World Geography/Head Tennis    Contact Phone: 281.234.4949   

Social Studies Kyle Jordan KAP World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5282   

Social Studies Robert Mallory AP Government/Government    Contact Phone: 281.234.5288   

Social Studies Timon Marshall World Geography / Assistant Football    Contact Phone: 281.234.5173   

Social Studies Rebekah Morris US History    Contact Phone: 281.234.4945   

Social Studies Raynond Page U.S. History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5041   

Social Studies Jena Parodi World History / World Geography/Government/Eco-ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.4934   

Social Studies Megan Patrick AP Human Geography    Contact Phone: 281.234.5121   

Social Studies Ashton Pruitt U.S. History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5118   

Social Studies Michael Roach Government    Contact Phone: 281.234.5296   

Social Studies Donald Robertson Government/Economics Dual Credit    Contact Phone: 281.234.5223   

Social Studies JaNai Rodgers DC Government/AA Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.4918   

Social Studies Eric Scholle AP World History/Head Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.234.5009   

Social Studies Gabrielle Townsend World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5095   

Social Studies Savoya Williams World History    Contact Phone: 281.234.4930   

Social Studies David Yeager Economics/Head Cross Country/Assistant Track    Contact Phone: 281.234.4919   

Social Studies Jomara Zavala U.S. History/Mexican American History    Contact Phone: 281.234.5096   

Special Education Adam Aaron SPED-ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.4956/4968   

Special Education Anitera Arnold SPED-RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.5066   

Special Education Courtney Ayro SPED ASIP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5093   

Special Education Kevin Baranowski SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5261   

Special Education Andrew Boyer SPED-ICS    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Jonathan Chandler SPED-ICS/Assistant Football/Girls Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5027   

Special Education Jennifer Emokpaire SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5092   

Special Education Dia Evans SPED-ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5147   

Special Education Natrail Gurley SPED-ICS    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Kelly Hannah SPED ICS/Assistant Softball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5131   

Special Education Meredith Iacono SPED-ICS/Assistant Tennis    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Robert Jackson SPED-ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.4973   

Special Education Asia jackson SPED-ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5139   

Special Education Mallory Janak Special Education Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.4931   

Special Education Tabor Jones SPED-ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5253   

Special Education Derek lewis SPED-WBL    Contact Phone: 281.234.4937   

Special Education Alex Mendoza SPED-ICS    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Marcelina Millan SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.4983   

Special Education LaDarius Miller SPED ICS/Assistant Track    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Kevin Mitchell SPED-Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5213   

Special Education McPatrick Nwadinobi Lifeskills    Contact Phone: 281.234.4952   

Special Education Christen Perkins SPED RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.5066   

Special Education Kyle Raby SPED-Resource Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.4923   

Special Education Ryan Ragsdale SPED-ICS/Assistant Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.234.5001   

Special Education Charlotte Scroggins SPED-English Resource    Contact Phone: 281.234.4921   

Special Education Vernee Scurlock SPED-18+    Contact Phone: 281.234.5085   

Special Education Lance Smith SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5091   

Special Education Kristen Smyers SPED-English IV Resource    Contact Phone: 281.234.5024   

Special Education Stephanie Trahan SPED-Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5114   

Special Education Mackenzie Wilkerson Special Education Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.5142   

Student Support Debra Atchison Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.234.5040   

Student Support Jenny Campbell LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2252   

Student Support Nakeira Dalal ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5235   

Student Support Lisa Dunwoody Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.234.4936   

Student Support Xochitl Echeverz Dropout Prevention    Contact Phone: 281.234.5149   

Student Support Andrea Nguyen EL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5143   

Student Support Tera Pollard-Reneau ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5180   

Student Support Manuela Ray ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5185   

Student Support Gina Rougeau Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.234.5056   

Student Support Liliana Sanchez PHS Social Worker    Contact Phone: 281.234.5144   

Student Support Kacee Soto LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2486   

Student Support Sharon Wright Dropout Prevention & Intervention Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.5220   

Student Support Arlette Baneualos Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.4909   

Student Support Leslie Hoyos Clerk Registration    Contact Phone:    

Student Support Brittany Krutsinger Textbook Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.5077   

Student Support Teresa Little SPED Assessment Clerk    Contact Phone:    

Student Support Gina Rodriguez Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.4942   

Student Support Rafia Akbar SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5134   

Student Support Shannon Bell RISE    Contact Phone:    

Student Support Kiana Brooks SPED ICS    Contact Phone:    

Student Support Celia Chapa Del Campo ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.4929   

Student Support Summer De La Garza RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.5168   

Student Support Diana Friedel ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5099   

Student Support Valda Hammond RISE    Contact Phone: 281.234.5066   

Student Support Terri Hardin ASIP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5093   

Student Support Gustavo Hinojosa SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5200   

Student Support Julia Housen-Laud SPED WBL    Contact Phone: 281.234.4937   

Student Support Azzure Howard SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5114   

Student Support Kya Joseph SPED 18+    Contact Phone: 281.234.5085   

Student Support Aparajitha Kaza SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5114   

Student Support Koby King SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5147   

Student Support Timmothy LeLaurin SPED WBL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5212   

Student Support Helga Milan SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5206   

Student Support Marcus Milroe ASIP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5093   

Student Support Nathalia Montoya ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5099   

Student Support Fabiloa Nino Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.4909   

Student Support Breezy Palmer Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2098   

Student Support Katherine Perez-Lofton ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.5174   

Student Support Nina Prabhu SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 281.234.5297   

Student Support Alexis Rodriguez SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.5248   

Student Support Alicia Saden SPED 18+    Contact Phone: 281.234.5037   

Student Support Bhavani Sathya SPED ICS    Contact Phone: 218.234.5093   

Student Support Grace Wilson SPED ICS    Contact Phone:    

Student Support Angel Zires SPED Assessment Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.4952   

Student Support Anette Zuniga SPED Life Skills    Contact Phone: