Introducing New Counselors and New Alpha Split


    Counselors are divided by alpha last name and serve students from 9-12th grade. For the 2022-2023 academic year, a few adjustments will be made to the counseling alpha split as shown below. SENIORS and senior parents, please take note as this could affect college applications if you have to provide a counselor's contact information.



    A-Bri, Liu-Z-                 Stephanie Cox



    Bro-Lin                          Katherine Shade





    A - Bri                           Denise Ward                           


    Bro - D                         Kristina Fisher         


    E - He                           Christine Williamson      


    Hi - Lin                         Natalie Jones        


    Liu - Mo                       Shannon Petersen (Lead)   


    Mu - Ra                        Simone Cannon             


    Re - Sul                        Tiffany Jenkins                   


    Sum - Z                        Layne Dickens      



    Letters of Recommendation for Fall of 2022 College Applications

    Counselors are looking forward to helping our Seniors with their college applications this coming fall! Counselors will be able to start writing letters of recommendation in late August for schools that require a counselor’s letter. Students should not expect letters to be ready before September 15th, which is still plenty of time to have applications completed before the earliest deadline. Seniors may request a letter of recommendation through our online form:                      

    Letter of Recommendation Request Form

     Please note that our Personal Data Sheet has been adjusted for the 2022 - 2023 school year.  

    SLHS Personal Data Sheet