• Parking Information for 2022-23

    Reserved Parking: $95 (Seniors only)

    General parking: $50 (Seniors , Juniors, Sophomores)

    • Students with a senior reserved parking permit may only park in their reserved space. Seniors who purchase a reserved spot will get to select their spot when they pick up their sticker during the designated times.
    • Students with a general parking permit may only park in a non-numbered space in their designated lot. ​

    Parking Registration Process


    1. Pay online. Only Pay-N-Go payments are accepted. No cash or checks. Payment must be submitted before filling out registration. https://katyisd.revtrak.net/high-schools/seven-lakes-high-school/slhs-parking/#/list
    2. Students must register at https://tinyurl.com/SLHSparking2022. (You must be logged in to Google with your KISD student account. See troubleshooting information below if you have trouble accessing the link.) You will need your driver’s license, insurance card, vehicle information, and payment confirmation when you fill out this form.  
    3. Print the SLHS Parking Agreement, sign it, and bring it in at the designated time below.


    Parking Sales

    After school begins, permits may be purchased during lunch or after school in the parking office, room 2301. The parking office is closed for lunch from 12-12:30 each day. No permits will be sold before school or between classes.


    Senior Reserved Painting

    Seniors who purchase a reserved spot will be able to personalize their space. Students may only use the paint provided by the school. 

    Our current schedule for Senior Painting:

    • Monday, August 22, 7pm-8:30pm
    • Wednesday, September 7, 7pm-8:30pm
    • Other dates are to be determined.


    ​​I'm getting my license soon. Can I purchase my parking permit with my learner's license?
    No. You must have a driver's license. You may purchase once you get your driver's license. Permits are sold daily during the school year.

    My car has paper plates. Can I purchase a permit?
    Yes. You will fill out the info and give the temporary license plate. Once the permanent plates arrive, you will need to go to the parking office to update your information.

    Temporary Tags

    If a student must drive a vehicle other than the one registered on campus, they must request a Temporary Parking Tag from the AP office on the day they drive a different vehicle. They will need to provide the License Plate number of the vehicle they are driving. Temporary permits are issued for one day at a time unless a written request from a parent, which includes the length of time the permit is needed, is presented. Please fill out tinyurl.com/SLHStemptag to request a tag, and come to the parking office to pick it up.

    Vehicle Change

    If you need to change which vehicle is registered on campus, please fill out tinyurl.com/SLHSchangeform​ and follow the directions on the form.


    If you are having trouble accessing the parking registration, please try the following steps:

    1. Go to www.google.com (not gmail.com)
    2. Sign out of all accounts. (You must be signed in to the Katy account as the primary account on Google.)
    3. Sign in to Google using your student ID:  ID@students.katyisd.org. (Replace "ID" with your student ID number.) (Your password is the password you use to log onto campus computers.​)

    Once signed in, the page will return to www.google.com.

    Go to https://tinyurl.com/SLHSParking2022 and fill out the form.

    If you have problems, please contact Mrs. Glaser in the parking office in room 2301 or at shannonglaser@katyisd.org.