• Parking Information for 2023-24


    Save the date!

    Senior parking sales will be Thursday, August 3, 8am-11am, by appointment only. The sign-up genius link will be posted here on Tuesday, August 2, time tbd.

    Junior parking sales will be Friday, August 4, 8am-11am, by appointment only. The sign-up genius link will be posted here on Wednesday, August 3, time tbd.  

    Sophomore parking sales will be announced at a later date.


    Senior reserved parking will be $95.

    General parking (available to seniors and juniors) will be $50.


    Students with a reserved parking permit may only park in their reserved space. Students with a general parking permit may only park in a non-numbered space in their designated lot.


    The parking process will be the same as 2022-23.

    1. Pay online

    2. Register on the parking registration link.

    3. Print out the parking agreement.

    4. Bring the parking agreement to the designated location at the designated time to finalize your parking purchase and pick up sticker. 


    Links will be updated the last week of July 2023.


    Students wishing to drive on the first day of school MUST purchase a parking permit before school begins. Students must purchase a parking permit at least one day before driving on campus. No parking permits will be sold on school days before school.

    If a student is unable to purchase their own parking permit, a direct family member may purchase in their place. They must have a copy of the student's driver's license. Friends or parents of friends may not purchase parking.

    Temporary Tags

    If a student must drive a vehicle other than the one registered on campus, they must request a Temporary Parking Tag from the AP office on the day they drive a different vehicle. They will need to provide the License Plate number of the vehicle they are driving. Temporary permits are issued for one day at a time unless a written request from a parent, which includes the length of time the permit is needed, is presented. Please fill out tinyurl.com/SLHStemptag to request a tag, and come to the parking office to pick it up.

    Vehicle Change

    If you need to change which vehicle is registered on campus, please fill out tinyurl.com/SLHSchangeform​ and follow the directions on the form.


    If you have problems, please contact Mrs. Glaser in the parking office in room 2301 or at shannonglaser@katyisd.org.