SLHS Staff Directory

Administration Kerri Finnesand Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.2806   

Administration Shawn Calvert Associate Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.2912   

Administration Mandi Cooper AP - Student Support - Special Education    Contact Phone: 281.237.9576   

Administration Miche Norris AP- Student Support and 9th grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2922   

Administration Mark Sweeso AP - 9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.9546   

Administration Mary Margaret Trieff-Jozwiak AP - 10th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2997   

Administration Eric Jacobi AP - 11th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2998   

Administration Eric Pearson AP - 12th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.9048   

Clerical Paraprofessional Laura S Barrientos Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.2878   

Clerical Paraprofessional Nancy Bierhaus AP Secretary-12th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.9138   

Clerical Paraprofessional Leah Caffey Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.2806   

Clerical Paraprofessional Stephanie Click Fine Arts Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.0339   

Clerical Paraprofessional Lisa Cooley AP Secretary -Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.237.9197   

Clerical Paraprofessional Stephanie Cox Counselors' Secretary - Main Campus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2832   

Clerical Paraprofessional Kim Evans Attendance - 9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2894   

Clerical Paraprofessional Amber Gawlikowski Registrars' Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.9131   

Clerical Paraprofessional Summer Gil Athletic Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.2940   

Clerical Paraprofessional Shannon Glaser AP Secretary - 11th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.9541   

Clerical Paraprofessional Megan Haynes Attendance Grades 10-12 A-K    Contact Phone: 281-237-2925   

Clerical Paraprofessional Anna Hunt AP secretary - 10th grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2997   

Clerical Paraprofessional Marlyn Hunter Nurse's Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.2939   

Clerical Paraprofessional Jennifer Lehane Receptionist - Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.237.3766   

Clerical Paraprofessional Marla Lynch Receptionist-9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2830   

Clerical Paraprofessional Lynda McDowell ADA/Textbooks    Contact Phone: 281.237.2906   

Clerical Paraprofessional Shelley Palermo AP Secretary - 9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.9546   

Clerical Paraprofessional Dawne Proffitt Assoc. AP Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.2915   

Clerical Paraprofessional Haleika Salazar Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.237.2805   

Clerical Paraprofessional Patti Schubert Attendance Grades 10-12 L-Z    Contact Phone: 281.237.2926   

Clerical Paraprofessional Katherine Shade Counselor Secretary - 9th grade area    Contact Phone: 281.237.2970   

Clerical Paraprofessional Kimberly Torres Receptionist - Main Campus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2809   

Instructional Paraprofessional Satyabama Baskaran Aide- ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.9058   

Instructional Paraprofessional Radhika Bhat Aide - ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.2841   

Instructional Paraprofessional Geralda Botnick Aide - 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.9042   

Instructional Paraprofessional Laurie Bowersox Aide - Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.9054   

Instructional Paraprofessional Elizabeth Burrell Aide - Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.2946   

Instructional Paraprofessional Maria Cadenas Aide - ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.9040   

Instructional Paraprofessional Luz Castro Aide-Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.9504   

Instructional Paraprofessional Allison Davis Aide - ISS    Contact Phone: 281.237.2821   

Instructional Paraprofessional Mabel Galeano Aide - RISE    Contact Phone: 281.237.2990   

Instructional Paraprofessional Joe Garcia Aide - ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.9508   

Instructional Paraprofessional Gina Ibarra Aide - Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.9045   

Instructional Paraprofessional Pranali Kale Aide- ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3765   

Instructional Paraprofessional Sharon Kophamel Aide- Library    Contact Phone: 281.237.2828   

Instructional Paraprofessional Karla Manrique Aide - ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.2866   

Instructional Paraprofessional Ada Nunez Aide - ESL    Contact Phone:    

Instructional Paraprofessional Edna Ojeda Aide - ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.2936   

Instructional Paraprofessional Kamini Patil Aide - HCAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2880   

Instructional Paraprofessional Giriji Ramachandran Aide - 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.9152   

Instructional Paraprofessional Danayze Rivero Aide-WBL/ 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.3753   

Instructional Paraprofessional Sandra Rosas Aide - WBL    Contact Phone: 281.237.3755   

Instructional Paraprofessional Rhonda Shebl Aide - HCAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9513   

Instructional Paraprofessional Ronke Soile Aide - 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.2876   

Instructional Paraprofessional Beatriz Tecklic-Acuna AIDE - ESL    Contact Phone:    

Instructional Paraprofessional Barbara Watt Aide - ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.9583   

Spartan Support Elizabeth Ayars SPED- English    Contact Phone: 281.237.1424   

Spartan Support Dennis “Rich” Beckwith ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.9132   

Spartan Support Shelly Belin SPED - Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.237.2852   

Spartan Support Shana Bennett SPED- Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.2986   

Spartan Support Brooke Bierhaus SPED- Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.2978   

Spartan Support Louis Bowersox HCAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.1649   

Spartan Support Kristen Brennan SPED - English    Contact Phone: 281.237.2968   

Spartan Support Laquetta Cain RISE para    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Leslie Carson SPED- English    Contact Phone: 281.237.2564   

Spartan Support Celibeth Correa 18+ Para    Contact Phone: 281.237.2171   

Spartan Support Paul Croom SPED - Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3751   

Spartan Support Barbara Ettinger SPED - Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9199   

Rochelle Fowkes SPED - Transition    Contact Phone: 281.237.3758   

Spartan Support Noelle Gearring Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Jordan Golebiowski Diagnostician - Full Time    Contact Phone: 281.237.2817   

Spartan Support Jackie Horrell 18+ Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.2171   

Spartan Support Megumi Hoshi 18+    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Amitha Konduri ICS para    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Anna Lehane SPED - 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.9172   

Spartan Support Joshua May SPED-Science, Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3757   

Spartan Support Sheryl McCoy Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.237.2889   

Spartan Support Robin Morgan RISE    Contact Phone: 281.237.9039   

Spartan Support Jenna Moye SPED - Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.2972   

Spartan Support Helen Muller SPED - Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.2819   

Spartan Support Nathalie Ong-Luu WBL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.9196   

Spartan Support Kami Payne SPED -    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Norkeley Rodriguez Life SKills para    Contact Phone:    

Spartan Support Travis Sukhu RISE teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.2883   

Spartan Support Travis Sukhu RISE    Contact Phone: 281.237.8172   

Spartan Support Lindsey Thibodeaux Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.2874   

Spartan Support Nicolette Voss Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.2882   

Spartan Support Shannon Womack ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2884   

Security Chris Ataghauman Security    Contact Phone: 281.237.9046   

Security Gary Brown Security    Contact Phone:    

Security Yadria Duarte Security    Contact Phone: 281.237.9058   

Security Nichelle Perry Security    Contact Phone:    

Field Tech Vinh Pham KISD Officer    Contact Phone:    

Support Staff Denise Ward Lead Counselor - A - Bem    Contact Phone: 281.237.9526   

Support Staff Kristina Fisher Counselor - Ben - Dea    Contact Phone: 281.237.9593   

Support Staff Christine Williamson Counselor -Deb - Gus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2907   

Support Staff Natalie Jones Counselor - Gut - Las    Contact Phone: 281.237.2949   

Support Staff Shannon Petersen Counselor- Lat - More    Contact Phone: 281.237.9542   

Support Staff Janie Bazargani Counselor - Morg - Reh    Contact Phone: 281.237.2941   

Support Staff Tiffany Jenkins Counselor - Rei - S    Contact Phone: 281.237.2920   

Support Staff Layne Dickens Counselot - T - Z    Contact Phone: 281.237.2908   

Support Staff Sarah Blakely-Cosser LSSP - .5    Contact Phone: 281.396.2288   

Support Staff Analorena Encarnacion College and Career Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2978   

Support Staff Theresa Janda Lead Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.237.2914   

Support Staff Joi Nevels Nurse - Main Campus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2825   

Support Staff Lisa Nguyen Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.237.2837   

Support Staff Jennifer Piccolo LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2288   

Support Staff Karen Pillsbury Nurse - 9th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.237.2982   

Support Staff Tammy Seale Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.237.9019   

Support Staff Michael Shukis Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2855   

Support Staff Nicole Staley-Owens G/T    Contact Phone: 281-396-2497   

Katie Lindley CTF    Contact Phone:    

CTF Jeff Marchand KISD Field Engineer    Contact Phone:    

Athletics / Health / PE Jeremy Arterburn Leadworthy / Head Baseball Coach    Contact Phone:    

Athletics/Health/PE Amy Cataline Leadworthy/Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2885   

Athletics/Health/PE Kaitlyn Eidson Assistant Athletic Coordinator / Head Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2977   

Athletics/Health/PE Bill Garrey Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.237.1907   

Athletics/Health/PE Jimmy Hamon Athletic Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2840   

Athletics/Health/PE Shannon Heston Leadworthy/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2899   

Athletics/Health/PE Ronnie Humphrey KOLA/Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.2902   

Athletics/Health/PE Robert Koy Health/Football/Boys PE    Contact Phone: 281.237.9059   

Athletics/Health/PE Sean May Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2879   

Athletics/Health/PE Eric Nenninger Health/Volleyball/Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2971   

Athletics/Health/PE Alec Petrocelli Strength & Conditioning / Freshman Football    Contact Phone:    

Athletics/Health/PE Marvin Rathke Health/Track    Contact Phone: 281.237.2896   

Athletics/Health/PE Royal Thomas PE/Health/Football/Asst Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2877   

Athletics/Health/PE Elizabeth (Liz) Wagner Asst. Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2931   

CTE/Technology Sheila Abel Business    Contact Phone: 281.237.9135   

CTE/Technology Curtis Alden Architecture/Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.237.2859   

CTE/Technology Adrienne Black Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2961   

CTE/Technology Joe Bochat AG    Contact Phone: 281.237.2921   

CTE/Technology Calen Cabler Speech & Debate    Contact Phone: 281.237.9018   

CTE/Technology Felicia Castillo Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9035   

CTE/Technology Elizabeth D'Agostino Family & Consumer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.1306   

CTE/Technology Sean Ewing Sprts Mktg/Golf    Contact Phone: 281.237.2892   

CTE/Technology Matthew (Blake) Godwin AG    Contact Phone: 281.237.9043   

CTE/Technology Jay Kolkman AV Productions/Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9530   

CTE/Technology James Krueger Digital Arts/Head Soccer Coach-Boys    Contact Phone: 281.237.9544   

CTE/Technology Paola (DC) Longoria Commercial Photo/Tech. App    Contact Phone: 281.237.9198   

CTE/Technology Megan Lowrance Family & Consumer Science    Contact Phone:    

CTE/Technology Ryan Nutt Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2999   

CTE/Technology Morgan Ognoskie Floral Design    Contact Phone:    

CTE/Technology Donna Panter Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9030   

CTE/Technology Bryce Piotrowski Speech/Debate    Contact Phone: 281.237.9137   

CTE/Technology James Pittman Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-2813   

CTE/Technology Casey Power Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.237.9511   

CTE/Technology Clark Saunders Business/FBLA    Contact Phone: 281.237.9192   

CTE/Technology Katie Sheffield Floral Design    Contact Phone: 281.237.9506   

CTE/Technology Jonathan Strauss Computer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2989   

CTE/Technology Paul Stroud Computer Science/UIL    Contact Phone: 281.237.9539   

CTE/Technology Carin Suitt Health Science    Contact Phone:    

CTE/Technology Devon Taylor Business    Contact Phone: 281.237.9130   

CTE/Technology Saquanda Turner Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.237.9055   

CTE/Technology David Watson Health Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2904   

CTE/Technology Martha Webb Family & Consumer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2826   

English Claire Arden English 1 - Aca    Contact Phone: 281.237.9514   

English Angela Astorga Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.2973   

English Alexander Barton English 1 /Football/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2838   

English James Bramlett English 3/Head Tennis Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.2865   

English Heidi Bruce Yearbook and Journalism    Contact Phone: 281.237.9016   

English Kacy Carlton ESL/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.9133   

English Terrah Dees English 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.2983   

English Rudy dela Rosa AP Literature    Contact Phone: 281.237.3762   

English Michael Demarchi English 4/Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.2864   

English Allison Farris English 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.2980   

English Leslie Fenn Strategic Literacy / English II    Contact Phone: 281.237.9967   

English Monica Frazier English 2 KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.6294   

English Amy Gaden AP Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.9537   

English Cruz Garcia English II - Aca    Contact Phone:    

English Rhonda Garcia English I    Contact Phone: 281.237.9508   

English Morgan Gerik English 1 - KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2986   

English Taylor Gressett KAP English 2/Asst. Girls Softball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2875   

English James Gumm English 4/Asst. Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.2818   

English Hailey Hann KAP English 2 / Asst. Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2962   

English Ashley Henson ESL Lead    Contact Phone: 281.237.9036   

English Molly Koch English 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.2984   

English Pamela Langham English 3    Contact Phone: 281.237.9096   

English Matthew Lefevre AP English Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.2947   

English Shyama Mishra English 3/ Dual Credit ELA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3763   

English Ashley Morris English 2    Contact Phone:    

English Emilee Nichols English 1 - KAP    Contact Phone: 218.237.0210   

English LaToya Palmer ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.9053   

English Christine Popovich English 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.2969   

English Hallie Rainey English III / Assistant Softball    Contact Phone:    

English Kevin Robinson KAP English 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.2987   

English Joseph Serwinski English 2 ACA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3760   

English Kristie Thibodeaux English 3    Contact Phone: 281.237.2874   

English Rose Trevino English 4    Contact Phone: 281.237.2943   

English Leslie Wakefield English 4 /AP Lit    Contact Phone: 281.237.3768   

English Amy Weaston English 3/Cheerleading    Contact Phone: 281.237.9182   

Whitney Baker Junior High Dance Director, BDJH & SLJH    Contact Phone:    

Fine Arts Sean Carlton Asst. Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9133   

Fine Arts Rachel Christopher Asst. Dance Director    Contact Phone:    

Fine Arts Camille Gordon Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.9194   

Fine Arts Randall (Klint) Jordan Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2857   

Fine Arts Sean Kime Assistant Orchestra Director    Contact Phone:    

Fine Arts Lisa Matschek Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.2974   

Fine Arts John (DC) Mays Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2848   

Fine Arts Austin Oliver Asst. Theater Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2893   

Fine Arts Desiree Overree Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2923   

Fine Arts Allison Peddy Dance Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2929   

Fine Arts Emily Rickford Theater Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9507   

Fine Arts Abby Smith Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.9031   

Fine Arts Aisha Smith Art/AP Art History    Contact Phone: 281.237.9031   

Fine Arts Elizabeth Tait Asst. Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2846   

Fine Arts James Vinson Asst. Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.2862   

Fine Arts Brody Wadkins Asst. Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9022   

Fine Arts Kyle Witty Associate Director of Bands    Contact Phone:    

LOTE Grace Chang Chinese 1/KAP CHinese3/AP Chinese Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.9174   

LOTE Teresa Chardola French 1 / Spanish 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.2873   

LOTE Diana Cooley Spanish 2 and Spanish 2T    Contact Phone:    

LOTE Donald Figg Spanish 1/ Spanish 2T    Contact Phone: 281.237.9047   

LOTE Sandra Franco Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1/2 and 3/4    Contact Phone: 281.237.2812   

LOTE Lis Granato Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1/2 and Spanish 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.9510   

LOTE Carmen Graterol Spanish 1 and 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.9515   

LOTE Anda Iacob German 1 - 4AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.3774   

LOTE Julie Kenney Spanish 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.9032   

LOTE Susan Kohlmaier KAP Spanish 3 / AP Spanish Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.9549   

LOTE Angela Lucena-Rodriguez KAP Spanish 3 /AP Spanish Literature    Contact Phone: 281.237.9540   

LOTE Joanna Ruth ASL    Contact Phone: 281.237.9548   

LOTE Stephen Saldana Spanish 2    Contact Phone:    

LOTE Carol Schrick Spanish 2 and Spanish 3KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2890   

LOTE Rosana Serna Spanish 1/Spanish 3 Academic    Contact Phone: 281.237.2881   

LOTE Monica Yang Chinese 2 (1st period only, shared with CRHS)    Contact Phone: 281.237.9136   

LOTE Amina Ztot French 2 - 3/AP French Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.2994   

Math Ahmad Abdel-Aziz KAP Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.2960   

Math Alejandra Acosta Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.237.2958   

Math Joshua Andrews AP Stats    Contact Phone: 281.237.6291   

Math Sarah Andrews KAP PreCalculus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2868   

Math Andrew Arcuri Discrete Math/ Football/Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.6293   

Math Angela Brinson Algebra I    Contact Phone: 281.237.9589   

Math Karl Burford Algebra 2/Tennis    Contact Phone: 281.237.2886   

Math Faith Clause KAP Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.2916   

Math Annika Davis Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.2821   

Math Phillip Dober AP Statictics/Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.2853   

Math Vimla Fay AP Calculus AB    Contact Phone: 281.237.9052   

Math Nicholas Flora Algebra 1/Algebra 2T/Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2843   

Math Michelle Gex Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.237.9136   

Math Nancy Gonzales Algebra 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.9580   

Math Andrew Hackney Algebra 2 - Aca    Contact Phone: 281.237.9505   

Math Andrew Hackney Algebra 2 / Assistant Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9535   

Math Carrie Haire Alg Reasoning/MMA    Contact Phone: 281.237.2845   

Math Abby Houghton KAP Geometry/ Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2957   

Math Meredith Johnson Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9547   

Math Wesley Kohl Algebra 1/Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.1421   

Math Dalton Kozak KAP Algebra 2 / Discrete Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9536   

Math Katherine Lee Geometry - Aca    Contact Phone: 281.237.3767   

Math Li Lu AP Calculus BC    Contact Phone: 281.237.3769   

Math Meagan Martin Pre-Calculus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2954   

Math Leslie McAlee Geometry    Contact Phone: 281.237.9175   

Math Chad Meyer Multivariable Calculus /KAP Pre-Cal    Contact Phone: 281.237.2858   

Math Jason Placette KAP Pre Calculus/AP Stats    Contact Phone: 281.237.9501   

Math Allison Pride Discrete Math Financial Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9598   

Math Heather Rodriguez Pre-Calculus    Contact Phone: 281.237.2938   

Math Maria Sanchez Vega Geometry - Aca & KAP    Contact Phone: 281.234.5204   

Math Brian Stevens KAP Algebra 2    Contact Phone: 281.237.2868   

Math Lisa Winfield Algebra 2 ACA/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9037   

Science Jessica Arizpe Biology    Contact Phone: 281.237.3773   

Science Greta Benson Biology-ACA/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2808   

Science Mark Brewer Physics    Contact Phone: 281.237.2871   

Science Whitney Clench Biology - AP/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2861   

Science Carlton Colmenares Aquatic/ESS    Contact Phone: 281.237.2985   

Science Mayra Colombani-Acosta Chemistry - AP/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2966   

Science Alyssa Crocker Forensic Science/Environmental Systems /Track/Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.237.9528   

Science Catriona Fraser Chemistry / Forensics    Contact Phone: 281.237.2863   

Science Hunter Gonzalez IPC / Football Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9580   

Science Mary Jo Hall Biology - AP/ Asst. Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9195   

Science Stephanie Headley Biology    Contact Phone: 281.237.3759   

Science Julie Irving Forensic Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2854   

Science Tanya Jensen KAP Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.237.9506   

Science Jill King Anatomy/Physiology    Contact Phone: 281.237.2993   

Science Katherine (Nikki) Laverty Environmental Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9521   

Science Jocelyn Laya Biology    Contact Phone: 281.237.2884   

Science Asrar Maaliki Maye Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9015   

Science Luis (Carlos) Moncada Physics    Contact Phone: 281.237.9179   

Science Olubunmi Oladapo Chemistry    Contact Phone:    

Science Scott Patterson Environmental Science - Aquatic Science - AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2981   

Science Brandon Pettenger Chemistry - ACA/ Girls Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.2842   

Science Diane Price Biology - ACA/KAP/ Girls Track    Contact Phone: 281.237.2976   

Science Jose Ramos AP Chemistry    Contact Phone: 281.237.2856   

Science Michael Rivera AP Physics/Football/Track    Contact Phone: 281.237.9186   

Science Arpita Sarkar Chemistry-ACA/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2850   

Science Patricia Silva Biology-ACA/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2870   

Science Punam Singh Biology - ACA/KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2849   

Science Sadaf Snyder Chemistry - KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9185   

Science Mila Taylor AP Physics    Contact Phone: 281.237.2900   

Science Ted Tran Environmental Science -AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2930   

Social Studies Nick Barrios World History/ Football/ Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.237.6296   

Social Studies Alyssa Batiste World History / Assistant Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.2898   

Social Studies Kaitlin Bayliss World Geography / Assistant Swimming    Contact Phone: 281.237.9535   

Social Studies Jordan Beck AP Research/PALS/Swimming    Contact Phone: 281.237.2955   

Social Studies Darius Bharucha AP Economics/Personal Finance/Interact Club    Contact Phone: 281.237.9518   

Social Studies Jessica Calvo US History/Close UP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9597   

Social Studies David Cooper Government/Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.2995   

Social Studies / Government Aletha Fager World History    Contact Phone: 281.237.1727   

Social Studies Sara Flora AP World History / AP European History    Contact Phone: 281.237.1271   

Social Studies Michael Garcia World Geography    Contact Phone: 281.237.2979   

Social Studies Matt Hoelscher World History/Government Dual Credit    Contact Phone: 281.237.9057   

Social Studies Crystal Holub Dual Credit/AP US History    Contact Phone: 281-237-9522   

Social Studies Keith Humphreys World Geography / Assistant Baseball    Contact Phone:    

Social Studies Tiffany Kang AP World History/AP Seminar/Student Council    Contact Phone: 281.237.2844   

Social Studies Melissa Kennedy KAP World History    Contact Phone: 281-237-2897   

Social Studies Scott Kenney AP Human Geography/Track/Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.237.2895   

Social Studies Holly Koopman Sociology/Psychology/Head Softball Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.2811   

Social Studies Cristen McCarroll (DC) US History / Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.237.2887   

Social Studies Andy Merrick KAP/AP Psychology/National Honor Society    Contact Phone: 281.237.9051   

Social Studies John Mitchell KAP World Geography/AP Human Geography/Academic Decathalon    Contact Phone: 281.237.9527   

Social Studies Ellen Pickens AP/Aca US Gov't    Contact Phone: 281.237.2872   

Social Studies Andrew Pierce Aca/KAP World Geography    Contact Phone: 281-237-1727   

Social Studies David Pollack Economics/Track/Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.237.9177   

Social Studies Steven Poss World History/Asst. Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9034   

Social Studies Allison Pride AP Seminar    Contact Phone: 281.237.3751   

Social Studies David Seale AP Human Geography/AP Psychology    Contact Phone: 281.237.2964   

Social Studies Isaac Silva World Geography/Football/Girls Basketball    Contact Phone:    

Social Studies Tonya Sukhu Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.2965   

Social Studies Mark Szafran Economics / Golf    Contact Phone: 281.237.9049   

Social Studies Sandra Wahowski AP US History    Contact Phone: 281.237.2898   

Social Studies Doug Watson World Geography/Head Girls Basketball    Contact Phone:    

Social Studies Jaime Wilson US History    Contact Phone: 281.237.9579