• Gifted/Talented & Advanced Academics


    The secondary GT service model is a Specific Subject Matter Aptitude model. Identified students in grades 6-12 are served in one or more of the four core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Advanced Placement (AP) and KAP curricula are differentiated to meet the unique needs of gifted learners. AP/GT and KAP/GT courses are taught by teachers who have received training in the education of the gifted. These courses carry a "weighted" grade point; for example, an A average counts as five grade points rather than the traditional four grade points.

    GT Independent Study electives are offered for GT students in grades 7-8 and grades 10-12 in which students will develop a product proposal, compile a portfolio, conduct in-depth research, and consult with a mentor from the business or professional community.

    High school seniors may participate in PACE - Professional Advancement through Career Education. PACE is a mentorship program in which students intern with adult professionals to acquire career knowledge and experience while still in high school.

    Gifted and Talented Screening  
    For students in grades 6-11, screening information is publicized on junior high and high school campuses. To request GT screening, parents of students in grades 6-11 must complete the Secondary Parent Checklist by the published date in early October. 

    Please contact Katie Motl, the Paetow High School GT Facilitator if you have any questions: katelynbmotl@katyisd.org. 

    All Parent Checklists must be completed using the link above by the deadline posted below. No late forms will be accepted.

    Here is a list of the GT Testing Window Dates and can be seen below:

    GT testing Dates 2023 Eng

    GT testing dates 2023 Span