• ​​​​​​CRHS Parking Information for 2021-2022

    Parking for the 2021-2022 school year will look a bit different than in years past.


    RESERVED – SENIORS ONLY (12th Grade) - $75

    NON-RESERVED - $50 – All 10th and 11th graders will have NON-RESERVED spots ONLY – 12th graders may purchase a NON-RESERVED spot if they do not want a reserved one.

    All parking permits must be purchased online via the Katy ISD Pay N Go link. Once you have completed payment on Pay N Go, click on the CRHS Parking link to enter your parking information and upload your documents. You will not be able to select a parking spot or pick up a parking sticker until both of these items are completed.

    Pay N Go Link: Pay N Go

    Parking Document Link: CRHS Parking Packet

    ​In order to complete the Google Doc, you will need to have a picture OR a PDF of your driver's license, your insurance, and the receipt from Pay N Go showing that you have paid. You will not be able to proceed through the document without uploading the required paperwork. All documents will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any issues.

    Students wishing to drive on the first day of school MUST purchase a parking permit before school begins. Students must purchase a parking permit at least one day before driving on campus. No parking permits will be sold on school days before school.

    If you purchased a spot and were not able to get one of the parking dates over the summer, please report to your appropriate grade level office after school beginning August 18th. You will have the first 3 days of school to pick up your sticker before we start enforcing stickers and issuing tickets and booting vehicles.

    We will continue to sell parking throughout the school year. Students must purchase a parking permit at least one day before driving on campus.​


    If a student must drive a vehicle other than the one registered on campus, they must request a Temporary Parking Tag from their AP office on the day they drive a different vehicle. They will need to provide the License Plate number of the vehicle they are driving. Temporary permits are issued for one day at a time unless a written request from a parent, which includes the length of time the permit is needed, is presented.


    If you are having trouble accessing the parking registration, please try the following steps:

    1.     Go to www.google.com (not gmail.com)

    2.      Sign out of all accounts. (You must be signed in to the Katy account as the primary account on Google.)

    3.      Sign in to Google using your student ID: ID@students.katyisd.org. (Replace "ID" with your student ID number. Your password is the password you use to log onto campus computers.)

    Once signed in, the page will return to www.google.com.