• Clinic Hours:
    Our hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, on school days.

    School Nurses:
    We are here as healthcare providers in the school setting. We assess sick students, provide first aid for injuries, attend to emergencies, promote safety and wellness for students and staff, and maintain students' health and immunization records, to name a few of our duties. We value education and will encourage students to remain in school or class unless they have a communicable illness that prevents them from attending school per KISD policy.

    Important Information:

    Migraine Action Plan

Health Services

  • 24 Hour Rule

  • Immunization Requirements

  • Medication Administration

Contact Us

  • Patricia Duda, BSN, RN 9th grade clinic
    Phone: (281) 237-7025
    Fax: (281) 644-1744

    Marsha L Baker, BSN, RN​ 10th-12th grade clinic
    Phone: (281) 237-7026 
    Fax: (281) 644-1743