Class of 2026


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    Cougars Achieving Through Service (CATS) – 2024 – 2025


    Attached are the new CATS forms and requirements for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please read carefully as there are some items that have changed.

    • CATS hours are due on Friday, April 4, 2025 for your Grade Level AP in Room 2228.
    • All hours are to be completed by March 31

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    Stay Connected!

    REMIND code has changed this year. Please resubmit the new code below to stay connected. This year parents and students can stay plugged into important grade level events through REMIND.  This will be your student’s source for Class of 2026 information about the duration of his/her time at Cinco Ranch High School.  To get plugged in, please do the following:

    10th grade – text @2026-crhs to 81010

    Student ID's

    Safety is a priority here at CRHS. The expectation is that all students have their picture Student ID on when they enter the building and the entire day. Early Release students need to keep their ID on until they exit the building for the day.  As it is very important for students to wear their picture ID, we are enforcing a new procedure regarding Temp IDs.

    • If a student does not have their Student ID when they come to school, students need to go to the nearest AP office to get a Temp ID before 1st period begins.  Beginning the 3rd week of the school year, students will be allowed to receive 5 free Temp IDs in a six-week period, no matter what time of the day they get the ID.
    • Once a student has used their 5 free Temp IDs, the cost will be $1.00 for every Temp ID issued after five regardless of the time of day.  When a student reaches 10 Temp IDs issued in a six-week period, they will receive a 1 hour after-school detention for failure to comply with the district policy.
    • If you have lost your pictured Student ID and need a new one printed, please go to any AP office and request a new one.  The cost for a new picture ID is $5.00.
    • Students must wear their ID above the waist, and it must be visible.  Students may no longer attach the ID to their backpack. Failure to comply will result in a consequence.


    Discipline for Tardies:

    • 1 - 3 Tardies =         No consequence
    • 4 - 6 Tardies =         1 hour after school detention (ASD)
    • 7 - 9 Tardies =         2 hours after school detention (ASD)
    • 10 - 12 Tardies =     3 hours after school detention (ASD)
    • 13+ Tardies  =         a level 3 offense (3.26) Persistent Level 2 offenses which will result In-School-Suspension (ISS)
    • 8 or more tardies in six weeks for a class will result in an "N" in conduct. This will cause a loss of exemptions for that class.
    • 10 or more tardies for a class in a semester will result in loss of exemptions. 
    • Tardies reset each 6 weeks

    Students – KISD Emails

    It is very important that you regularly check your KISD email. This is the email address we use to send important updates and announcements. If you are not sure how to check your email, please follow these steps to sign in to your school account.

    • Go to KatyISD website
    • Click on My Katy Login
    • Click on My Katy Cloud
    • Sign in with your Student ID # and password
    • Choose Office 365 tile
    • It will ask you if you want to stay logged in
    • Choose Outlook

    Voila – all your school emails are there!!

  • Contact Us 

    Tammy Laurence, Assistant Principal 

    Laurel Boatman, Secretary
    Phone: (281) 237.7046