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McElwain Elementary Honors Namesake and Engages Students Through Day of STEM Learning

Students and staff at McElwain Elementary recently celebrated their campus namesake with “Peter McElwain Day,” a day devoted to architecture, engineering and construction.

Honoring Peter McElwain’s dedication to young learners and future architects, the event focused on showcasing the variety of jobs and roles that students can have related to designing and building schools.

Over the course of his 30-year career in education, McElwain planned, designed and constructed 25 elementary schools, nine junior highs and six high schools in Katy ISD. Not only was Peter McElwain Day a celebration of his accomplishments in Katy ISD, but also a day students could interact with professionals in the industry and see firsthand the importance of architecture.

Representatives from more than 15 businesses that have either worked in Katy ISD or in the school community, visited the campus to talk about their careers or read a book related to construction. Representatives included a range of careers including architects, construction site general managers, Geotechnical engineers, kitchen designers, masons and plumbers.

“The students were fully engaged and enthusiastic asking questions, learning, and creating throughout the day,” said Katy ISD namesake Peter McElwain.

Additionally, each grade level completed a STEM activity in their classrooms related to architecture and engineering.