SLJH Staff Directory

Administration Kristin Harper Principal  Contact Phone: 281.234.2107   
Administration Paula Dusek 6th Grade Assistant Principal  Contact Phone: 281.234.2197   
Administration Colby Bohac 7th Grade Assistant Principal  Contact Phone: 281.234.2114   
Administration Justin Williamson 8th Grade Assistant Principal  Contact Phone: 281.234.2173   
Administration Allison Travis Student Support Assistant Principal  Contact Phone: 281.234.2284   
Administration Dana Benoist Counselor - Student Support  Contact Phone: 281.234.2109   
Administration Kristina Brown Counselor - 6th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2251   
Administration Tatiana Iglesias Counselor - 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2298   
Administration Becky Parker Counselor - 8th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2278   
Science Department Morgan Browning 7th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2205   
Science Department Cary Cochenour 6th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2296   
Science Department Stacey Fessler 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2218   
Science Department Laura Grieger Instructional Coach Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2150   
Science Department Farrah McCutcheon 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2289   
Science Department Gina Pallis 8th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.8199   
Science Department Sherry Parker 7th Grade & 8th Grade ESL  Contact Phone: 281.234.2139   
Science Department Connie Pettitt 8th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2116   
Science Department Deanna Sanders 7th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2213   
Science Department Lea Shearer 8th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2179   
Science Department Scharla Taylor 6th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2267   
Science Department Janice Toomey 6th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2186   
Science Department Blaire Wade 6th Science  Contact Phone: 281.234.2190   
Social Studies Department Edward Angel World Cultures 6th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2225   
Social Studies Department Caryn Berkowitz Texas History 7th grade & Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2276   
Social Studies Department Keith Flournoy US History 8th Grade & Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2169   
Social Studies Department James P. Ford US History 8th Grade & Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2220   
Social Studies Department April Johnson World Cultures 6th Grade & Department Chair  Contact Phone: 281.234.2297   
Social Studies Department Sarah Lott World Cultures 6th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2286   
Social Studies Department Darin McConnell US History 8th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2183   
Social Studies Department Jennifer McConnell Texas History 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2120   
Social Studies Department Kathleen Norris US History 8th Grade, World Cultures & Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2168   
Social Studies Department Jillian Romriell World Cultures 6th Grade & Texas History 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2164   
Social Studies Department Jennifer Sterle Texas History 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.8798   
Special Education Department Benedicta Anyanti ICS Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2100   
Special Education Department Sara Blakley-Cosser LSSP  Contact Phone: 281.396.2289   
Special Education Department Laura Castro Dyslexia Interventionist  Contact Phone: 281.234.2172   
Special Education Department Matthew Dillon ICS Teacher & Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2152   
Special Education Department Juliene Fryer Life Skills Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2264   
Special Education Department Misha Gabriel School to Home Facilitator  Contact Phone: 281.234.2256   
Special Education Department Vikki Gimenez Life Skills Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2264   
Special Education Department Lauren Hale Diagnostician  Contact Phone: 281.234.1980   
Special Education Department Brodrick Haynes RISE  Contact Phone: 281.234.2161   
Special Education Department Kelly Lauck Speech Language Pathologist  Contact Phone: 281.234.8104   
Special Education Department Phil LoSasso Gifted & Talented Facilitator  Contact Phone: 281.234.2176   
Special Education Department Yalitza Martinez de Diaz ICS Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2208   
Special Education Department Brooke McClinton Sped Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.9861   
Special Education Department Kimberly McKean ICS Math Resource  Contact Phone: 281.234.2269   
Special Education Department Aribel Medina 8th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2124   
Special Education Department Briana Palacios Applied/ICS Teacher  Contact Phone: 281.234.2294   
Special Education Department Numrata Patel Sped ICS Teacher  Contact Phone:    
Special Education Department Kimberly Sampson Life Skills Teacher  Contact Phone: 281.234.2188   
Special Education Department Kimberly Stacks ICS/Resource Teacher  Contact Phone: 281.234.2294   
Special Education Department Hannah Thompson Sped Department Chair  Contact Phone: 281.234.2215   
Special Education Department Glenda Vergara RISE Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2128   
Special Education Department Shelley Walker Sped Paraprofessional  Contact Phone:    
Special Education Department Pam Whitfield Diagnostician Clerk  Contact Phone: 281.234.2112   
Special Education Department Nandita Wikhar ICS Resource  Contact Phone: 281.234.2148   
Support Staff Derrick Calvin ISS  Contact Phone: 281.234.2134   
Support Staff Luis Iza Head Custodian  Contact Phone: 281.234.2239   
Support Staff Jennie Jenkins Nurse  Contact Phone: 281.234.2126   
Support Staff Elizabeth Ramirez Cafeteria Manager  Contact Phone: 281.234.2127   
Support Staff Caroline Rush Clinic Aide  Contact Phone: 281.234.2290   
Support Staff Gregory Urdaneta Police Officer  Contact Phone: 281.237.4030   
Support Staff Kelly Ward Testing Facilitator  Contact Phone: 281.234.2266   
Administrative Office Staff Lisa Akard Principal Secretary  Contact Phone: 281.234.2106   
Administrative Office Staff Tonya Brickey Registrar/ Counselor's Secretary  Contact Phone: 281.234.2133   
Administrative Office Staff Michelle Eugate Receptionist  Contact Phone:    
Administrative Office Staff Patricia Glover 8th AP Secretary & Textbook Clerk  Contact Phone: 281.234.2295   
Administrative Office Staff Jennifer Hill Attendance Clerk  Contact Phone: 281.234.2105   
Administrative Office Staff Holly McCormick AP Secretary - 6th and 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.8171   
Administrative Office Staff Kirsty Weller Financial Clerk  Contact Phone: 281.234.2259   
Athletics Department Renee' Asaro Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2147   
Athletics Department Nicholas Barosh Assistant Athletic Coordinator & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2141   
Athletics Department Lindsay Burnell Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2144   
Athletics Department Callie Fobian Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2119   
Athletics Department Michael Gorman Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.5473   
Athletics Department Brian Herod Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2143   
Athletics Department Caitlin Rolens Campus Athletic Coordinator & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2145   
Athletics Department Kyle Woodle Coach & PE Instructor  Contact Phone: 281.234.2137   
Electives and CTE Department Kara Acuna Spanish  Contact Phone: 281.234.2132   
Electives and CTE Department Toni Rae Craig Principles of Human Services  Contact Phone: 281.234.2187   
Electives and CTE Department John Curley Principles of Engineering and Principles of Manufacturing  Contact Phone: 281.234.2223   
Electives and CTE Department Kristine Dunlap Principles of Information Technology, Touch Systems Data Entry, Web Communications, & Student Announcements  Contact Phone: 281.234.2203   
Electives and CTE Department Jessica McCreary LeadWorthy, Career Investigations, & Yearbook  Contact Phone: 281.234.2195   
Electives and CTE Department Delia Trujillo Spanish  Contact Phone: 281.234.2175   
ESOL Department Eliza Esquivel ESL Paraprofessional  Contact Phone:    
ESOL Department Fabiola Varela ESL Paraprofessional  Contact Phone: 281.234.2157   
Fine Arts Department Rachel Drewes Assistant Theatre Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2191   
Fine Arts Department Kim Foster Art  Contact Phone: 281.234.2240   
Fine Arts Department Lindsay Fulton Assistant Choir Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2271   
Fine Arts Department Jennifer Gingell Orchestra Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2242   
Fine Arts Department Bethany Hagin Orchestra Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.8191   
Fine Arts Department Kristin Likos Choir Director & Department Chair  Contact Phone: 281.234.2244   
Fine Arts Department Nathan Poteet Band  Contact Phone:    
Fine Arts Department Adam Seltzer Band Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2243   
Fine Arts Department John Shaw Assistant Band Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2108   
Fine Arts Department Gina Van Hoozer Art 2 & HS Art 1  Contact Phone: 281.234.2155   
Fine Arts Department Katy Wood Theatre Director  Contact Phone: 281.234.2115   
Instructional Support Kristina Burkhalter Social Studies Instructional Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2181   
Instructional Support Lauren Fuentes Library Aide  Contact Phone: 281.234.2138   
Instructional Support Marta Lopez Media Specialist  Contact Phone: 281.234.2129   
Instructional Support Kelly Marshall ELA Instructional Coach  Contact Phone: 281.234.2268   
Language Arts Department Kyle Allen 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2277   
Language Arts Department Jennifer Ariniello 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2200   
Language Arts Department Tracy Bloomfield 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2184   
Language Arts Department Jedidiah Boggs 8th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2174   
Language Arts Department Joy Campbell 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2292   
Language Arts Department Ashley Cockerham 6th & 7th ELA/ESL  Contact Phone: 281.234.2210   
Language Arts Department Katelyn Deiss 8th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2217   
Language Arts Department Jennifer Eubanks 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2287   
Language Arts Department Jennifer Gomez 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2283   
Language Arts Department Grace Hopkins 8th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2135   
Language Arts Department Kimberly Hord 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2209   
Language Arts Department Gabrielle Hudspeth 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2192   
Language Arts Department Karen Mabry 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2125   
Language Arts Department Shani Matheson 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2228   
Language Arts Department Sharon Ratliff 7th ELA GT/KAP  Contact Phone: 281.234.2196   
Language Arts Department Shannon Rubio 7th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2123   
Language Arts Department Melissa Schexnayder 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2178   
Language Arts Department Mavenys Shavers ELA 8th  Contact Phone: 281.234.2122   
Language Arts Department Elizabeth Streeter ELA 7th  Contact Phone: 281.234.2260   
Language Arts Department Andrea Tryon 6th ELA  Contact Phone: 281.234.2177   
Language Arts Department Adriana Vela 6th ELA KAP/GT  Contact Phone: 281.234.2201   
Math Department Sheila Balash 6th Math KAP/Aca  Contact Phone: 281.234.2167   
Math Department Kaitlin Bardin 8th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.8110   
Math Department Michelle Burnitt 7th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2154   
Math Department Amy DeLaro 6th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2118   
Math Department Brittany Fontaine 8th Grade & Algebra  Contact Phone: 281.234.2280   
Math Department Jenny Garza ESSER Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.8101   
Math Department Traci Greene Instructional Coach Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2199   
Math Department David Kiehnhoff 8th Grade & Algebra  Contact Phone: 281.234.2282   
Math Department Krystal Maillard 7th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2211   
Math Department Brittany Picht Math Intervention  Contact Phone: 281.234.2149   
Math Department Terri Restrepo 7th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2156   
Math Department Mackenzie Shannon 6th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2182   
Math Department Dawn Styer 7th Grade  Contact Phone: 281.234.2207   
Math Department Mary Kay Vargas 6th Math  Contact Phone: 281.234.2230