Mission Statement

  • ​Seven Lakes Junior High, in partnership with the community, parents, and students, will provide a safe, positive, engaging learning environment that is devoted to empowering each student to become a productive, responsible, respectful citizen while achieving academic excellence.

    Spartan Creed​

    The Spartan Creed we aim to live by is:

    I          Integrity
    C         Community
    A         Accountability
    R         Respect
    E         Excellence

    Character Strong

    At Seven Lakes Junior High, we believe that it is important to meet students' social-emotional needs. Each week during ELT time, teachers share Character Strong Lessons with their class.  These lessons teach SEL competencies and Character Development using a fun and interactive format.  Each lesson uses discussion and reflection to put character into practical action.  Some of the topics covered include Empathy, Healthy Habit Development, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Kindness, Respect, and Acceptance.


    Seven Lakes Junior High, established in 2012, is a middle school in a growing suburb of Katy, Texas that currently serves over 1600 students in grades 6th through 8th and employs 145 staff members.  The student body consists of 24% Hispanic students, 9% African American students, 27% Caucasian students, and 36% Asian students.  The student body also consists of 23% economically disadvantaged students, 20% English language learners, 11% special education students, and 24% gifted and talented students.  Of these students, 32% are considered at risk.