• Parent Directions to Access State Testing Results

    As in previous years, families will be able to access detailed information about their child’s areas of strength, as well as any gaps in learning, by reviewing STAAR and STAAR EOC results. 

    Parents will need to access the state’s Family Portal for all testing results by using their child’s Unique Student Access Code. Previous Unique Student Access Codes are no longer effective in the Family Portal.

    Test results will be available in the Family Portal by the end-of-day listed in the chart.

    State Assessment

    Release date in the Family Portal

    TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate

    June 2, 2022

    STAAR Alternate

    June 13, 2022


    June 16, 2022

    STAAR 3-8

    June 24, 2022

    STAAR June EOC

    August 5, 2022

     The Unique Access Code:

    • remains the same for the student during the entire state testing program,
    • located on any past Confidential Student Report (CSR) in the bottom right corner of the CSR, and
    • located in the Home Access Center (HAC).

    ​​​Parents have three options to obtain state testing scores:

    • utilize the Home Access Center (HAC) to find the Unique Access Code and/or view TELPAS scores,
    • utilize the state Student Portal with the Unique Access Code, or
    • look up the Unique Access Code within the state Student Portal.

    ​The new and improved redesigned CSR will include new performance labels. Parents may review a short video, additional resources, and the release timeline on the new STAAR report card, also known as STAAR confidential student report (CSR) on the TEA website    An adopted amendment which establishes a final set of performance standards for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) Grades 3-8 and end-of-course (EOC) assessments beginning with the 2016-2017 school year was approved.   The table below provides the change from the old performance labels to the new performance labels.  

    Old Performance Label

    New Performance Label

    Level III: Advanced Academic Performance

    Masters Grade Level

    Final Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance

    Meets Grade Level

    Phase-in Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance

    Approaches Grade Level

    Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance

    Did Not Meet Grade Level

    Parents can utilize the Parent Directions To Access State Testing Results documents located on the Katy ISD Department of Research, Assessment, and Accountability website.  

    Credit By Examination

    Katy ISD offers Credit by Examination  for acceleration at every grade level and subject area offered in accordance with the Texas State Board of Education rules. A student is allowed to advance one grade level or one course per subject per academic year. Katy ISD offers four Credit by Examination testing windows throughout the year.

    For more information about Credit by Examination (CBE), please contact your campus counselor or view the links below:

    Please be advised that the student must currently be a student with Katy ISD to be registered for CBE exams.

    How to Find STAAR and TELPAS Scores for Your Student

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires districts to notify parents regarding state testing results (i.e. TELPAS, TELPAS Alternate, STAAR Alternate 2, and STAAR). Parents will not be provided a copy of the STAAR Report Card (SRC) but will be provided directions on how to access the unique access code in the, Home Access Center (HAC) that provides a link to the state Student Portal so that parents can easily access student test results.​

    • STAAR 3-8 results are not in HAC.  Parents must use the unique access code to access state testing results on the state student portal.
    • STAAR EOC results are in HAC and parents may also use the state student portal.

    Katy ISD District Learning Assessments (DLAs)

    ​DLAs are common formative assessments designed to gather evidence of student learning. As part of a balanced program, DLAs are not intended to be the sole assessment instrument in determining student learning. Rather, they provide teachers and students with diagnostic information to help guide the learning process.
    Additional information about the DLAs can be found in the District Learning Assessment FAQs and in the District Learning Assessment Guidelines.  For more specific administration dates, please contact your child's teacher(s).​

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