About Us

  • I​n August of 2004, the Katy community opened the doors of Katy ISD's tenth junior high school, Beckendorff Junior High. Everyday, the Beckendorff community strives to build relationships and provide educational opportunities where all learners reach their full and unique potential while pursuing a tradition of excellence.

    What was once a rice field is now a place that strives to provide all students with the best possible education in order to send them forth fully prepared to meet life's challenges. Beckendorff is a place where all teachers sincerely care that each day every student learns, grows, and is treated with respect.  All Beckendorff Bears understand that success is a journey, not a destination. Each year, we are pioneers on a journey: a Journey to Greatness. An adventure so great, that everyone will know the Bears are on the prowl on the Katy prairie.

    What makes our school great? Our community would say that great schools have leaders who lead with passion, teachers who come alive in the classroom and thrive in a team setting, a healthy component of parent and community involvement, innovative programming, engaging and quality lessons, and a caring, respectful, and secure learning environment. Great schools also expect great things of their students, not only academically, but across a broad range of extracurricular interests. Great schools also possess a trademark spirit of service, innovation, and commitment.

    Everyday at Beckendorff JH, we are heartened by tributes of warmth, respect, and joy that create a place where students are valued and encouraged to reach their potential both academically and socially. Together, we strive to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for every Bear to be an effective communicator, leader, good citizen, academically prepared for high school, and a productive and continuous learner. To truly be Great, we believe that excellence, dedication, and teamwork must be the goals of every Bear. Every year, the Beckendorff community will continue to work together and support each other, challenge ourselves, strive for the best, look to the future, and have fun in learning. Go Bears!