CRJH Student C​​ouncil

  • The CRJH Student Council participates in a variety of programs that give back to the community as well as our school. This year, student council looks forward to participating in many different activities.

    We also collect and recycle for our school.  We will participate​ in several recycling drives that will help our school earn money.  We look forward to a fun year of giving back!

    Why join the Student Council?​

    Students who join the student council will develop leadership skills, acquire responsibility, develop team building, promote school pride, and have a chance to interact with their peers. In the Student Council, members will manage their time during their monthly meetings, determine an agenda, write minutes, and communicate properly.  This will allow the students to express their ideas and test their leadership skills. An excellent citizen is what society needs, and joining the Student Council will ultimately increase the chance for students to practice this attribute.

    Student Council is made up of 6th-8th  graders who are responsible students serving as representatives for the school. Student Council representatives are involved in planning and organizing:

    • Recycling

    • School spirit week

    • Community Outreach

    • Fundraisers

    • And more…​

    To join the Student Council, students must fill out an application and have it approved by a parent or guardian and their teacher. Students in 6th-8th grade will start the application process after school starts in the fall to be considered for Student Council. Members will be selected and will receive an acceptance letter from the sponsors.​​​ Once accepted, the student will attend the bi-weekly meetings.

    Student Council/Social Studies Connection

    We will hold an election and cast live, electronic voting to apply some of the Social Studies TEKS. Members in the Student Council can apply to be a candidate and run for the following officer positions:

    • President

    • Vice-President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Activity Chairs

    • Members

    Student Council Officers will meet bi-weekly to plan student council events. Everyone should run for office to get the full experience of being a part of Student Council. Regardless of the results, you will remain a member of the Student Council and will continue your responsibilities. Members must continue being good citizens and abide by the Student Council guidelines.

    Students in eighth grade are allowed to vote on Student Council election day. They will cast their ballot, the ballots will be counted that day, and the results will be announced by the end of the week.​​

  • Elaine Paz, Student Council Sponsor
    Phone: (281) 237-7359