Welcome to National Junior Honor Society

  • NJHS is an organization of 8th-grade students who organize service projects for our community. Current 8th graders are inducted into NJHS in January and current 7th Graders are inducted into NJHS at the end of 7th grade. Actual participation in activities occurs in 8th grade. 

    Attention NJHS members and parents: The purpose of NJHS is not only to honor students with good grades, but to also serve as an outlet for these students to perform service to their community and school. The only service requirement we have of our members is that they complete 10 hours of some type of voluntary service within the school year. Volunteering that is done during the summer or during the course of the current school year will count.

    Some activities that might be considered for obtaining the necessary service hours are any type of volunteer work that is done for their community or school without pay. Yard work for the elderly, volunteering through church activities, or working as a tutor or volunteer at the library, food pantries, and such would all be good ways to earn service hours.  Although students can certainly gain some of these hours by helping out their families, we would ask that not all of their hours come from family help.

  • Brandy Williams, NJHS Sponsor
    Phone: (281) 237-7360

    Track your volunteer hours with the x2VOL app,
    available on the Apple app store and Google Play store.