MPJH Staff Directory

Administration Greg Kraus Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.5807   

Administration Todd Abbott Assistant Principal: Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.237.5813   

Administration Belinda Munoz Assistant Principal A - L    Contact Phone: 281.237.5814   

Administration Patrick O'Connell Assistant Principal M - Z    Contact Phone: 281.237.5816   

Counselors Meagan Drew 6th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.237.6473   

Counselors Lisa Garcia 7th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.237.5833   

Counselors Arthrayia Tompkins 8th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.237.5832   

Office Melissa Bellavigna Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.5806   

Office Jeannette Chavez Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.237.5808   

Office Natalia Flores Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.237.5809   

Office Yvette Flores-Wilkins Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.5815   

Office Monica Hernandez Assistant Principal Secretary & Textbook Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.5920   

Office Vernisha Riley Attendance    Contact Phone: 281.237.5805   

Instructional Support Staff Melanie Beisert ELAR Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5925   

Instructional Support Staff Shelby Kana SS Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5915   

Instructional Support Staff Jennifer Page Science Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5923   

Instructional Support Staff Andrea Richardson Math Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5845   

Electives Laura Austria-Fuentes Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.5842   

Electives Jessica Bui Art / Technology    Contact Phone: 281.237.5902   

Electives Donna Chronister Family & Consumer Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5958   

Electives Kalie Classen Leadworthy/Yearbook    Contact Phone:    

Electives Israel Hernandez Band Assistant    Contact Phone: 281.237.5941   

Electives Rachel Hoffman Theatre    Contact Phone: 281.237.5931   

Electives Sean Jackson Choir & Fine Arts Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.237.5945   

Electives David Lorine Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.5943   

Electives Alejandro Padro-Fuentes Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.5975   

Electives Twaski Parker Applied Engineering & Principals of Manufacturing    Contact Phone: 281.237.5841   

Electives Jaime Townsend Art / Yearbook    Contact Phone: 281.237.5913   

Language Arts Laura Baker 6th Grade ELAR/NJHS Sponsor    Contact Phone: 281.237.5822   

Language Arts Sara Barrow ELAR Department Chair & ESOL    Contact Phone: 281.237.5918   

Language Arts Tiffany Bledsoe 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5917   

Language Arts Sarah Brown 6th-8th Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281.237.5947   

Language Arts LaShonne Harris 8th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5825   

Language Arts Michele Jackson 6th ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5911   

Language Arts Amanda Johnson 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.6476   

Language Arts Jason Landgrebe 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5830   

Language Arts Shelby Mangrum 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5992   

Language Arts Ryley Rush 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5972   

Language Arts Emily Smith 8th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5924   

Language Arts Holland Sumrall 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.237.5845   

Language Arts Yasmina Walker ESOL    Contact Phone: 281.237.5961   

Math Miranda Cedidla 7th and 8th Grade Math & Math Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.5934   

Math Wendy Chiboroski 6th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.5973   

Math Colleen Gaboriault 6th-8th grade Newcomer Math, 6th grade Math Lab, and 7th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.5811   

Math Abby Navale 6th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.5916   

Math Julie Nguyen 7th Grade Math/Math Lab    Contact Phone: 281.237.5993   

Math Rose Shockey 8th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.5940   

Math Leticia Smith 7th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.5974   

Math Jessica Yaklin 8th Grade Math/Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.237.5905   

Physical Education Sandra Bickel Athletic Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.5834   

Physical Education Rhett Loewe P.E. Boys    Contact Phone: 281.237.5983   

Physical Education Jacob Moore P.E. Boys    Contact Phone: 281.237.5983   

Physical Education Aubrey Teague P.E. Girls    Contact Phone: 281.237.5955   

Physical Education Matt Wicklein P.E. Boys    Contact Phone: 281.237.5817   

Physical Education Kaylen Wolfe P.E. Girls    Contact Phone: 281.237.5811   

Science Delaney Bridger 8th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5818   

Science Heather Gorman 6th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5909   

Science Adam Moore Science Department Chair & 8th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5900   

Science Brenda Williams 6th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5921   

Science LaShannon Williams 7th Grade Science    Contact Phone:    

Social Studies Kristina Cummings Social Studies Department Chair & 7th Grade Texas History    Contact Phone: 281.237.5910   

Social Studies Austin Ebin 7th Grade Texas History    Contact Phone: 281.237.5812   

Social Studies Carolyn Holy 8th Grade US History    Contact Phone: 281.237.5976   

Social Studies Justin Hunter 6th Grade Social Studies/Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5949   

Social Studies Jeffly Noel 6th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.5964   

Social Studies Adam Sampere 8th Grade US History    Contact Phone: 281.237.5929   

Support Staff Lynsey Atchison Instructional Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.5933   

Support Staff Jill Baros Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5829   

Support Staff Kelsey Brennecke Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.237.5835   

Support Staff Laci Costagliola Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.5844   

Support Staff Courtney Davis LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2253   

Support Staff Tammy Disharoon Campus Technology Designer    Contact Phone:    

Support Staff Megan Durnell Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.237.5826   

Special Education Jackie Fernandez In Class Support Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5967   

Support Staff Melanie Kennedy Nurse Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5965   

Support Staff Allison Lell ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.5977   

Support Staff Karyn Lewis Library Media Specialist    Contact Phone: 281.237.5828   

Support Staff Phil LoSasso GT Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2712   

Support Staff Kimberly Moore Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.237.5840   

Support Staff Ingrid Ortiz ESOL Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5843   

Support Staff Missy Overton Cafeteria Manager    Contact Phone: 281.237.5827   

Support Staff Lauren Rowe Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.5836   

Support Staff Debbie Russell Diagnostician Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.5922   

Special Education Abbey Blair ELAR Resource & Co Teach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5948   

Special Education Nasrin Chowdhury Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5970   

Special Education Tara Cote In-Class Support Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Wilburn Couch Math Resource    Contact Phone: 281.237.5820   

Special Education Karoline Ellis ASIP    Contact Phone: 281.237.5950   

Special Education Rich Fields SPED Dept. Chair and Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.237.5942   

Special Education Dina Garcia SPED ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5963   

Special Education Massa Gibson Resource ELA/Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.237.5930   

Special Education Tracy Hart Rise Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5967   

Special Education Suzanne Kujawa Rise    Contact Phone: 281.237.1365   

Special Education Deidra Mannion Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.237.5928   

Special Education Carmen Matute In Class Support Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5981   

Special Education Sheila Mehdizadeh In Class Support Aide    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Ashley Newton Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.5970   

Special Education Victoria Prieto Applied Science & Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.5985   

Special Education Dr. Clarissa Ruiz Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281-237-2567   

Special Education Debbie Tolar Co-Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5987   

Special Education Pam White ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.1365   

ESL Lupita Zarate ESL Para    Contact Phone: 281.237.5939