HJH Staff Directory

Administration Brent Youngblood Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.3606   

Administration Lauren White Student Support Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.3611   

Administration Lindsey Stevens 6th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.3613   

Administration Pamela Long 7th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.3614   

Administration Jonathan Wood 8th Grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.3612   

Front Office Staff Liz Provost Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.3606   

Front Office Staff Yasira Sonnier Assistant Principal Secretary - 6th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.3629   

Front Office Staff Lidia Romano Assistant Principal Secretary - 7th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.3627   

Front Office Staff Ryan Torres Assistant Principal Secretary - 8th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.3628   

Front Office Staff Kandi Cortez SPED Clerk    Contact Phone:    

Front Office Staff Julie Cummins ADA/Attendance Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.3605   

Front Office Staff Kimberly Garza Front Office Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.3608   

Front Office Staff Melinda Perez Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.3636   

Counselors Jennifer Walsdorf 6th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.3624   

Counselors Julie Fox 7th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.3625   

Counselors Nicole Williams 8th Grade Counselor/Lead Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.3623   

Counselors Iris Martinez-Sanvicente Registrar/Counselors' Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.3609   

Clinic Nettie Danjean, RN, BSN Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.234.3616   

Clinic Sabrina Rodriguez Clinic Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.3617   

Library Rebecca Gruen Library Media Specialist/Fixed Assets    Contact Phone: 281.234.3619   

Library Natalie Dennis Library Aide    Contact Phone:    

Instructional Coaches Beth Eckford ELAR Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.3635   

Instructional Coaches Jennifer Holda Math Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.3639   

Instructional Coaches Ashley Mathews Social Studies Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.3638   

Instructional Coaches Kristine Moline Science Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.3637   

Other Professional Staff Darcie Johnson Campus Testing Coordinator - TAC    Contact Phone: 281.234.3615   

Other Professional Staff Katie Motl GT Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2760   

Special Education Daisy Alvarez In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Andrew Bohannon Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3696   

Special Education Laura Crockrom Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.234.3633   

Special Education Dena Davis In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Greg Evans Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3727   

Special Education Emily Florio In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3763   

Special Education Katherine Goolsby Speech- Language Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.234.3769   

Special Education Alice Holzen Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3647   

Special Education Jamarkus Horace Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Ireland Vela RISE Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Devona Joseph-Jenkins Special Education Teacher - Dept. Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.3686   

Special Education Laura Phillips Life Skills Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3685   

Special Education Justin Provost In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Garrett Provost In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3762   

Special Education Mona Smith Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Grayson Snyder RISE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3721   

Special Education Jack Teel LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2181   

Special Education Kety Torres Life Skills Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3768   

Special Education Sheena Turner Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Tamika Washington ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.3694   

Special Education Burgunde Zimmer-Kirk Life Skills Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3767   

ESL Support Viviana Berenguel ESL Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3765   

ESL Support Victoria Bohannon ESL Lead Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3651   

ESL Support Ileana Carlos- Hernandez ESL Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281.234.3766   

ESL Support Rhoda Robinson ESL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3671   

ESL Support Adrian Rocha ESL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3665   

In-School Suspension Walid Bnider ISS Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.3687   

Language Arts Amanda Ball 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone:    

Language Arts Caylee Berckenhoff 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3670   

Language Arts Jennifer Britt Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3702   

Language Arts Tyler Drenth Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281.234.3704   

Language Arts Holli Hartman 8th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3655   

Language Arts Megan Heringer 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone:    

Language Arts Lauren Hoffman 8th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3644   

Language Arts Carissa Jackson 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3663   

Language Arts Ana Jacob 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3713   

Language Arts Ingris Mazariegos 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3669   

Language Arts Lauren Peraza 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3650   

Language Arts Brianna Prada 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3794   

Language Arts Tasha Price 6th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3678   

Language Arts Danielle Rojas 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3654   

Language Arts Makenzie Smajstrla 7th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3664   

Language Arts Nicole Varga Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3649   

Language Arts Ryan Whatley 8th Grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281.234.3698   

Math Amber Balow 6th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3708   

Math Jaritza Contreras Math Intervention Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.3657   

Math Hayley Coulter 7th grade Math/Dept Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.3656   

Math Grayden Howard 7th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3714   

Math Cole Huffhines 6th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3677   

Math Leslie Mathis 8th Grade Math/Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.3641   

Math Meaghan McDowell 8th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3653   

Math Andrew Morris 6th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3658   

Math Avery Nolden 8th Grade Math/Algebra    Contact Phone: 281.234.3642   

Math Dominique Olison 7th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3706   

Math Dayanis Santana 8th Grade Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.3688   

Science Rebecca Campbell 6th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3675   

Science Desiree Casares 6th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3694   

Science Laura Daniels 8th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3700   

Science Bailey Herzog 6th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3674   

Science Dana Hoover 7th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3705   

Science Lauren Moon 7th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3764   

Science Jennifer Potvin 6th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3712   

Science Alexis Salas 7th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3662   

Science Melissa Torres-Vazquez 8th Grade Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.3645   

Social Studies Roman Blandino 6th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3716   

Social Studies Demond Cohn 7th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3726   

Social Studies Gabriel Gonzalez 7th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3660   

Social Studies Nathaniel Matz 7th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3709   

Social Studies Bethany Moore 6th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3676   

Social Studies Dorian Nero 8th Grade Social Studies/Dept Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.3646   

Social Studies Alyssa Owens 8th Grade Social Studies/Dance    Contact Phone: 281.234.3652   

Social Studies Deana Simpson 8th Grade Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.3710   

Physical Education Haily Barncastle Asst. Athletic Coordinator/Girls PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3724   

Physical Education Dwight Bonner Athletic Coordinator/Boys PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3723   

Physical Education Michelle Carrejo Girls PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3661   

Physical Education Christopher Kha Boys PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3725   

Physical Education Kenric Lopez Boys PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3659   

Physical Education Morgan Vela Girls PE/Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.234.3699   

Fine Arts Christin Abbott Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.3680   

Fine Arts Malvina Castillo Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.3684   

Fine Arts Emory Daniel Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.3681   

Fine Arts Matthew Griesmyer Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.3720   

Fine Arts Inez McGraw Assistant Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.3691   

Fine Arts Jeffrey Tipps Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.3682   

Fine Arts Elaine Weisberg Theatre Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.3683   

Electives Kelsy-Michele Emeish Principals of Human Services/Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.234.3673   

Electives Casey Flournoy Principles of Manufacturing/Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.234.3689   

Electives Monica Maldonado Spanish/Dept Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.3643   

Electives Candice Thomas CATE/Yearbook    Contact Phone: 281.234.3648