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    Notes from the Clinic:

    6th grade parents please note the following shot requirements before entering 7th grade.  Documentation can be submitted to the clinic during the school Year.  Remember to keep a copy for your records.  Contact the clinic at 281-234-3616 with any questions.

    • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap): Tdap is required for all students entering 7th grade if at least 5 years have lapsed since the last dose of a tetanus containing vaccine (DTap, DPT, DT).  If 5 years have not elapsed since the last dose of a tetanus containing vaccine at entry into 7th grade, then this dose will become due as soon as the 5-year interval has passed. contraindicated.
    • Meningococcal Vaccine: 1 dose of quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine is required on or after the student's 11th birthday.  
    • Varicella vaccine (chickenpox): Two doses are required with the first on or after the first birthday, and the second dose prior to entry in the 7th grade, unless a parent or physician statement of disease is on file. Additional information regarding these immunizations including exemptions from immunizations can be obtained through the Texas Department of Health website


    Children are not permitted to carry medication. ALL MEDICATION must be administered from the clinic. All medications (prescription and nonprescription) brought to the school must be taken to the school clinic immediately upon arrival. Students may transport prescription/nonprescription medication to and from school if the medication is not a controlled substance. Students may not be in possession of any prescription or nonprescription drug on school grounds during school hours unless officially authorized by the campus nurse for possession and self-administration of a prescription medication for asthma, anaphylaxis, or diabetes. The following procedures are to be followed regarding medications:

    1.    All prescription drugs dispensed through a physician's office must be in their original pharmacy container or packing and labeled by the pharmacist or physician. The label must include:

    • The student's name.
    • The physician's name.
    • The name and strength of the drug.
    • Amount of drug to be given.
    • Frequency of administration.
    • Date prescription was filled. 

    2.    All nonprescription drugs must be in their original container. The written request for administration of these over-the counter drugs, made by parent, guardian, or physician, must contain the following:

    • Full name of student.
    • Name of drug.
    • Amount of drug to be given. 
    • Scheduled hours when the drug is to be given. 
    • o    Reason drug is to be given.
    • o    Date.
    • o    Appropriate signature.

    3.    Natural and/or homeopathic-like products, not FDA approved, will not be dispensed in the school setting by school district personnel.

    There are no "stock medications" in the clinic such as Tylenol, Advil, Tums, Midol, etc. Medications can only be sent for the student by the parent or guardian and administered by the parent.  

    Sick Students with Cell Phones

    Students who contact their parents by personal cell phone for medication or for an illness or injury that has not been assessed by the nurse will be handled through front office.


    All students new to the school who did not attend a Texas school previously will be screened within 120 days of enrollment. If the child has failed any of the screenings, the nurse will contact the parents of the child and a referral notice for a professional exam will be sent home.  7th graders are screened annually for vision and hearing. Also, any student who did not attend a Texas school previously may also be screened. Parents will be contacted by the campus nurse if their child has failed the screening and a referral for a professional exam will be sent home.

    7th grade girls and 8th grade boys will be screened. The screening is simple. Screeners will look at your child's back while he or she stands and bends forward. The school will send you a letter if your child does not pass the screening. The letter will tell you how to follow-up with a doctor.

    Communication with the clinic:

    Please ensure that the campus nurse is updated with any changed in your child's medical information. It is also important to provide the school with correct and updated phone numbers. Also please update any legal information with the registrar.


    Students are encouraged to dress appropriately to the Katy ISD school dress code. The nurse does not have extra clothes in the clinic. Clothing situations will be handled by the student's grade level Assistant Principals.    


    Please feel free to contact the us with any questions or concerns. It is our pleasure to partner with you on the health of your child at school! Thank you! Nurse Nettie, RN & Sabrina Rodriguez, Aide.

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