• Library Hours: 8:10 a.m.-3:15 p.m.

    Library Schedule: Check with your teacher for your library day. Books should be returned the morning of your library day.

    Book Fair:  We host 2 Book Fairs a year.  our 2024-2025 book fairs will be Oct 7-11 and Feb 3-7.

    Our library hosts two Scholastic book fairs every school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Thank you for helping support the library so that we may buy more books, host author visits and events, and purchase materials for our students and staff! 

    Book Care:

    Please reinforce good book care at home to keep our books in good condition for many years to come.
    ALWAYS place library books in the library plastic bag before putting it in backpacks.

    BIG stack of books

    Library Policy for Damaged Books:

    →Water Damage:  Books with water damage must be disposed of and replaced. Students are charged the full replacement cost.

    →Other Damage:  Students returning books with significant damage are also charged the full replacement cost.

    Why are library books so expensive? Our books have Library Binding and processing. This binding is what makes our books so durable, so that they can handle the wear and tear from multiple users. Also, we have to pay our vendors for the processing of the books--the labeling, barcode, etc. This is why we can't accept a book purchased from a parent to replace a damaged book. 

    Pay'N Go Information: 

    To access Pay'N Go you can either the website link or the QR code.  Thank you.