• Please feel free to contact the school nurse with any concerns or questions. Please ensure that the campus nurse is updated with any changes in your child's medical information. Remember to ensure that the school has correct and updated phone numbers where you can be reached and that you have added emergency contacts to your child's enrollment information card. 

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    Clinic Policy: 

    24-Hour Rule - Students who demonstrate signs and symptoms of illness or a possible communicable disease should be referred to the school clinic for further assessment. Those with an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or above or those who vomit or have diarrhea must be isolated and sent home. The student must be fever free without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before he/she can be allowed back in school. Those excluded due to vomiting or diarrhea associated with a communicable illness must also be free of symptoms without using preventative medications before being allowed back in school. (Administrative Regulation FFAD) The 24-hour period is used as the standard length of time to determine if indeed symptoms have subsided. If antibiotics are prescribed, 24 hours of the medication must be completed before returning to school. A doctor's note does not supersede the 24-hour rule. If your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness and antibiotics are prescribed, a minimum of 24 hours on the medication must be completed.

    Head Lice - If a child is found to have live lice, parents are notified immediately, and parents are encouraged to pick up promptly and treat the condition. The nurse will check the student upon his/her return to ensure no live lice remain. Head lice are not a serious medical condition but needs to have diligent parental cooperation to control. 

    Medicine Dispensed at School - The Texas Legislature and Katy ISD board policy mandates that school personnel dispense medication to students if certain requirements are met by the parent/guardian. 

    All prescription drugs must be in original pharmacy containers and labeled by the pharmacist. The label must include the student's name, physician's name, name of drug, amount of drug to be given, frequency of administration and the date the prescription was filled. 

    All non-prescription drugs must be in original containers. The written request for administration must include the student's name, name of drug, amount of drug to be given, when drug is to be given, reason drug is given, date, and signature of parent/guardian. 

    All prescription and nonprescription drugs must be accompanied by a written request signed by the parent/guardian. Printable forms are available on the nurse's webpage. 

    All prescription or nonprescription drugs to be administered at school for longer than 15 days must be accompanied by a written request that has been signed and dated by the prescribing physician. 

    Medications prescribed or requested to be given three times a day or less are not to be given at school unless a specific time during school hours is prescribed by a physician, or the school nurse determines that a special need exists for an individual student. 

    Only one medication is allowed per properly labeled container. 

    A student may not have prescription or nonprescription drugs in his/her possession on school grounds during school hours. 

    In accordance with the Nurse Practice Act, Texas Code Section 217.11, the school nurse has the responsibility and authority to refuse to administer medications that in the nurse's judgment are not in the best interest of the student. 

    Food Allergies - A written statement must be renewed annually and kept on file for any food allergy, including milk, which requires substitutions on the lunch menu. Until the required documentation is received, no substitutions will be made. Printable action plans and dietary modification forms are available on the nurse's webpage. 

    Specialized Care - Parent request and physician authorization forms for the administration of a specialized healthcare service at school must be renewed annually and kept on file in the school clinic. New forms may be obtained from the school nurse's webpage. These forms are required, but not limited to blood glucose testing, breathing treatments, injections (intravenous or intramuscular), catheterizations and/or tube feeding. 

    Please ensure that the school has correct and updated phone numbers. Please visit the clinic webpage for more information and printable forms. 

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