Meet the Counselor

  • Welcome to the Counselor's page.  As the counselor, I provide educational, social, and emotional support for our students in a variety of ways, including visiting classrooms regularly, providing small group sessions, and visiting students individually as needed.   I am also available to parents and teachers. I look forward to helping our students have a super year!

    My role as Campus Counselor

    • To help children understand themselves and others.

    • To enhance interpersonal skills.

    • To implement a plan for all staff and students to learn, practice, and apply conflict resolution skills and strategies.

    • To provide crisis intervention when necessary.

    • To coordinate or facilitate the efforts of parents, teachers, and administrators.

    • To help develop personalized programs, when applicable, based on each child's strengths and needs.  

    Elementary School Counselors work with:

    • Students

      • Counselors work with students in the classroom presenting whole group lessons and provide short-term individual and small group counseling. The counseling method differs for each student, situation, and need. If students need longer-term counseling services, the school counselor can assist parents in finding a provider.

    • Teachers

      • Classroom teachers and school counselors support each other's work through classroom observation, consultation, sharing information and modeling skills. The teacher and counselor also work closely as members of a team who assist children with academic and behavioral concerns.

    • Parents

      • Consulting with parents is an important part of the elementary counselor's job. Counselors may consult with parents regarding their children on a variety of topics, including discipline and setting appropriate expectations, test interpretation, family responsibility and behavioral management strategies.

    • Other School Staff

      •  Counselors work closely with administrators and other specialists by discussing student needs and evaluating specific programs.

    ​​I look forward to a super year at Wolman Elementary!