• Our Mission & Philosophy


    Our mission is to provide all students with a comprehensive guidance program that supports them through conflicts that arise in their present lives and that allows them to begin thinking about the future. I strive to allow students to build skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These include language development, being analytical thinkers and problem solvers, having good morals and values, having interpersonal skills such as listening, communicating, sharing, and meeting one's own and others' needs, as well as intrapersonal skills such as being conscious of thoughts and feelings, being motivated, setting goals, having desires, and realizing passions. We master these skills with the collaboration of teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the community in individual as well as in group settings. We look forward to fostering a vision for students’ futures.

     This information is based on the School Counselor roles and responsibilities outlined by the ASCA National Model.