MCJH Staff Directory

Administration Amanda Weaver Principal    Contact Phone: 281-237-3907   

Administration Mariolga Parra 6th grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281-237-8785   

Administration Janae Miles 7th grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281-237-4926   

Administration Karen Feldman 8th grade Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281-237-4935   

Administration Jettie Brookins Student Support Administrator    Contact Phone: 281-237-3915   

Front Office Staff Irene Rogers Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281-237-3906   

Front Office Staff Audrey Bermingham Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281-237-4905   

Counseling Tamela Adams 7th grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281-237-4987   

Counseling Charlee Belfonte Social Worker    Contact Phone: 281-237-0383   

Counseling Natalie Biddle 8th grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281-237-5632   

Counseling La'Quinnesias Dunham 6th grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281-237-3931   

Counseling Meredith Keener Student Support Counselor    Contact Phone: 281-237-4918   

Counseling Sandra Millan Registrar / Counselor Secretary    Contact Phone: 281-237-3967   

Front Office Staff Vacant Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone:    

Front Office Staff Minelly Benitez Textbook Clerk    Contact Phone: 281-237-3902   

Front Office Staff Sandra Ceballos ADA / Attendance Clerk    Contact Phone: 281-237-4992   

Front Office Staff Kathy Labombarb Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281-237-3908   

Front Office Staff Amy Lovos Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281-237-8762   

Clinic Jashla Soza Nurse's Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-0421   

Clinic Vacant Nurse    Contact Phone: 281-237-3925   

Instructional Coaches Theresa Blewett RLA Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281-237-0053   

Instructional Coaches Kristina Broussard Math Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281-237-0263   

Instructional Coaches Rebecca Farnham Social Studies Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281-237-4999   

Other Professional Staff Ron Gall Tech Ops    Contact Phone:    

Other Professional Staff Taylor Kortlever Instructional Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281-237-4930   

Instructional Coaches Brittney Neuendorff Science Instructional Coach    Contact Phone: 281-237-4917   

Other Professional Staff Jessica Renteria Classroom Technology Designer    Contact Phone:    

Other Professional Staff Marissa Salls Testing Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281-237-9122   

Other Professional Staff Dylon Simmons Behavioral Instructional Coordinator / SPED Dept. Chair    Contact Phone: 281-237-4986   

Library Jessenia Reyes Librarian / Fixed Assets    Contact Phone: 281-237-3984   

Library Elizabeth Tomany Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-3794   

Language Arts Adeyekun Adewanle 6th grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281-237-3964   

Language Arts Husna Ahmed Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4914   

Language Arts Stephanie Baty 6th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4901   

Language Arts Cynthia Dees 7th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4950   

Language Arts Roseanna Ehrhart 8th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-3944   

Language Arts Esther Frazier 7th grade Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281-237-7506   

Language Arts Casi Gardner 7th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4957   

Language Arts Lynn Horelica 8th grade Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281-237-4943   

Language Arts Jorge Izquierdo 8th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-9295   

Language Arts Brittania Lamb 6th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4966   

Language Arts Trenese Peters 7th grade RLA/Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281-237-4968   

Language Arts Christy Powers Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-0009   

Language Arts LaKiesha Primes 6th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-9272   

Language Arts Crystal Ragbirsingh 6th grade Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281-237-0067   

Language Arts Janta Rainey 6th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4982   

Language Arts Adelia Sweeny 7th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-3946   

Language Arts Piper Taylor 8th grade ELAR    Contact Phone: 281-237-7550   

Language Arts Shelley Taylor 7th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-2089   

Language Arts Mary Thrasher 7th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-3943   

Language Arts Susan Ulery 8th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4963   

Language Arts Destini Williams 6th grade RLA    Contact Phone: 281-237-4936   

ESL Support Tim Scott ESL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281-237-4921   

ESL Support Lamisha Brantley Sheltered RLA Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3937   

ESL Support Mabel Fernandez In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281-237-4942   

ESL Support Simona Garcia Leiceaga Newcomer Science Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4923   

ESL Support Yessica Gutierrez Newcomer Math Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-234-0773   

ESL Support Sergio Lemus Newcomer ELA Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-234-0752   

ESL Support Estefani Martinez ESL Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

ESL Support Jessica Moreno Newcomer Social Studies Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4933   

ESL Support Suni Rosales English Second Language Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4921   

Math Taylor Barnes 8th grade Math / Algebra    Contact Phone: 281-237-4973   

Math Michel'le Brown 8th grade Math / Algebra    Contact Phone: 281-237-9285   

Math Katrina Dabney 6th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-0598   

Math Hanna Frasso 7th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-0384   

Math Chelsea Haden 6th grade Math / Cheer Sponsor    Contact Phone: 281-237-4951   

Math Ashley Hornsby 7th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-4940   

Math Sana Jalali 7th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-4988   

Math Steven Lott 7th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-4970   

Math John Onezine 6th grade Math Lab / Football, Basketball    Contact Phone: 281-237-4929   

Math Clyde Pitre 8th grade Math Lab / Dept. Chair / Football    Contact Phone: 281-237-0070   

Math Erin Silfa 6th grade Math    Contact Phone: 281-237-3947   

Math Petra Thompson 7th grade Math Lab / Dept. Chair    Contact Phone: 281-237-4910   

Science Brandi Crenshaw 6th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4967   

Science Gretchen Dehoyos 8th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-8542   

Science Jessica Estrada 8th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4924   

Science Gamaliel Garza 7th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4945   

Science Majestic Hayes 6th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-9826   

Science Piper Malick 7th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4773   

Science Raul Rivera 8th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4966   

Science Kimberly Rutledge 8th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-9280   

Science Bailey Simmons 7th grade Science/Department Chair/Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281-237-4949   

Science Ginger Vann 6th grade Science    Contact Phone: 281-237-4995   

Social Studies Lawrence Brunson 8th grade US History    Contact Phone: 281-237-4993   

Social Studies Robert Chapa 8th grade US History    Contact Phone: 281-237-9123   

Social Studies Misha Gabriel 7th grade Texas History    Contact Phone: 281-237-4906   

Social Studies James Inzer 7th grade US History    Contact Phone: 281-237-3941   

Social Studies Julie Lang 6th grade World History    Contact Phone: 281-237-3922   

Social Studies Samuel Mays 6th grade World History    Contact Phone: 281-237-4995   

Social Studies Ariel Mitchell 8th grade US History    Contact Phone: 281-237-4990   

Social Studies Marian Sanders 7th grade Texas History    Contact Phone: 281-237-3918   

Social Studies Vacant 6th grade World History    Contact Phone: 281-237-9283   

Social Studies Dawn Zoellers 7th grade Texas History    Contact Phone: 281-237-0054   

Electives Adalberto Bello Roch Spanish    Contact Phone: 281-237-8187   

Electives Anastasia Dagostino Principles of Human Services    Contact Phone: 281-237-3929   

Electives Kiara Flores Art    Contact Phone: 281-237-9534   

Electives Victoria Frias Principles of Technology/Touch Systems    Contact Phone: 281-237-9278   

Electives Sara Ghorbanian Art / Electives Dept. Chair    Contact Phone: 281-237-4900   

Electives Tamara McDaniel-Alford Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281-237-7440   

Electives Wendell Smith Leadworthy / Principles of Engineering / Principles of Manufacturing    Contact Phone: 281-237-4909   

Fine Arts Jeff Eldridge Band Director    Contact Phone: 281-237-4959   

Fine Arts Nicole Johnson Theater    Contact Phone: 281-237-4912   

Fine Arts Patrick Keene Assistant Band Director    Contact Phone: 281-237-4969   

Fine Arts Alisson Pasaol Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281-237-4958   

Fine Arts Leigh Schmidt Choir    Contact Phone: 281-237-4956   

Fine Arts Ayauna Washington Theatre Arts    Contact Phone: 281-237-4939   

Physical Education Ansel Carter Assistant Athletic Coordinator / Boys PE / Head Football, Basketball    Contact Phone: 281-237-4974   

Physical Education Jesse Crum Boys PE / Football, Track    Contact Phone: 281-237-4919   

Physical Education Nicole Green Girls PE / Head Basketball, Volleyball, Track    Contact Phone: 281-237-3983   

Physical Education Gabrielle Harvey Girls PE / Head Track, Volleyball, Basketball    Contact Phone: 281-237-4979   

Physical Education Cody Henderson Boys PE / Football, Basketball    Contact Phone: 281-237-4978   

Physical Education Michaela Spicer Athletic Coordinator / Girls PE / Head Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Soccer    Contact Phone: 281-237-3926   

Special Education Michelle Bailey Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3941   

Special Education Tamara Boring In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Aimee Cantrell ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281-237-9146   

Special Education Ganga Daggubati In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Kelsey Evans Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-2114   

Special Education Morgan Herrera Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3945   

Special Education Veronica Johnson In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone: 281-237-0064   

Special Education Monique Kinard In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Katherine Luciano Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281-237-9120   

Special Education Stephanie Minor Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3930   

Special Education Will Moore Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-1327   

Special Education Deborah Morales Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281-237-4997   

Special Education Okwudiri Nwachuku Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4972   

Special Education Tammeka Oakley Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Karen Odems Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3916   

Special Education Anita Pryber In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Kelli Stermer Diagnostician Secretary    Contact Phone: 281-237-8774   

Special Education Vacant Special Education Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-xxxx   

Special Education vacant In-Class Support Paraprofessional    Contact Phone:    

Special Education Greg Woodberry LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology)    Contact Phone: 281-396-7748   

Special Education Kathryn Wright Special Education Teacher / Student Council Sponsor    Contact Phone: 281-237-3905   

Life Skills Jordyn Cantrell Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone:    

Life Skills Jordan Garza Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-3924   

Life Skills Connie Little Life Skills Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-4938   

Life Skills Grant Mitchell Life Skills Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3939   

Life Skills Dylan Schneider Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-3961   

Life Skills Andrew Smoot Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-4953   

RISE Support Khadine Graham RISE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-8181   

RISE Support Vacant RISE Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-4971   

In-School Suspension Dimitrios Finney In-School Suspension Teacher    Contact Phone: 281-237-3936   

In-School Suspension Pedell Fuller In-School Suspension Aide    Contact Phone: 281-237-4920   

Other Professional Staff Kendall Zurbuchen GT / Advanced Academic Studies    Contact Phone: