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Katy ISD Celebrates Employee Milestones at Annual Service Awards Event

KATY, TX [April 3, 2024] – On Tuesday, April 2, Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) hosted the annual Employee Service Awards event, honoring and celebrating district employees who have reached remarkable milestones in their careers. Themed around the "Eras of Excellence" employees experience throughout their tenure, the event recognized their years of service and the significant impact they have made on the district and the community.


As honorees, staff, administrators, Board members, and guests arrived at the Leonard E. Merrell Center, the atmosphere was set by the talented Katy ISD Elite Jazz Ensemble. The music provided a fitting backdrop for the evening's festivities, welcoming attendees with a sense of celebration and appreciation.


The event recognized teachers, administrators, support staff, operations workers, law enforcement officers, and other essential personnel who have collectively devoted decades improving the educational experience within Katy ISD. Their commitment has significantly contributed to the district's success and positively impacted countless students.


"I extend my heartfelt thanks for your tireless efforts in our classrooms, support facilities, police department, and throughout our community. Throughout your years of service, each of you has played a vital role in shaping Katy ISD into a beacon of excellence that has made it a recognized destination district and a premier workplace in the state of Texas," said Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Schools. “Thank you to our retirees for your dedication, and for leaving this school district an even better place than when you first arrived,” he added.

Throughout the ceremony, thoughtfully crafted videos showcased honorees who have achieved significant career milestones, aligning with the overarching theme of employees transitioning into a new "era" in their careers. These videos highlighted the dedicated service of individuals within Katy ISD and captured the essence of working in education. As the story arc visually unfolded, the audience was undoubtedly moved, experiencing a range of emotions as they silently reflected on their own careers while feeling a sense of inspiration and deep appreciation for the honorees and the profound impact of their contributions.


The Employee Service Awards event is a momentous occasion that celebrates the contributions made by these individuals and highlights Katy ISD's enduring commitment to excellence in education. As the district continues to uphold its mission, the dedication of its longest-serving employees remains a cornerstone of its success.


Katy ISD’s 35-and-40 years-of-service employees who have reached their “Legacy Era”:


  • Donna Pittenger
  • B.J. Thibodeaux
  • Thomas D’Andrea
  • Raymond Fonseca
  • Virginia Neville
  • Donna Sloat


These individuals have dedicated 35 or more years of their lives to Katy ISD, embodying unparalleled dedication and positively impacting generations of students. Their enduring legacy serves as an inspiration to all.


40-years-of-service employees: Thomas D'Andrea, Raymond Fonseca, Virginia Neville, Donna Sloat