• New Student Registration                   

    Registration is from 9am to 12pm

    For information about registration, click here to view information about enrolling a student.  This site lists all necessary documents, provides applicable forms, and has a link to check attendance zones.  Here you can also find the KATY ONLINE REGISTRATION links which can be filled out before coming in to enroll your student. After completing ONLINE REGISTRATION you must present the following documents to the school so that your registration is effective:

    • Proof of residence (IMPORTANT – PLEASE SEE BELOW– Proof of Residency)

    • Official birth certificate or U.S. Passport

    • Proof of immunizations (see below)

    • Withdrawal sheet from the school most recently attended

    • Parent ID

    • Recent Report Card

    Proof of Residence:
    At the time of registration, parents should bring proof of residence: a recent utility bill (gas, water, electric) if in home more than 30 days or a house or apartment lease agreement(after 30 days must present a utility bill) if newly moved in, showing the parent/guardian's name and address from the last thirty days.

    A full list of required immunizations, including information about provisional enrollment, can be downloaded from Katy ISD Health Services Department or by calling  at 281-396-2629.

    International students MUST present School Records, already translated to English.  

    Early Checkouts
    If your child is checked out before 10am, he/she will be absent. Any student that is checked out after 10am will have a partial day absence. Please send a doctor's note back with your child and the partial day absence is excused.

    To clarify, any child that is checked out before 3:40 pm and is not going home ill or to a doctor's appointment will have an UNEXCUSED partial day absence. UNEXCUSED partial day absence will count against the student's exemplary attendance (perfect attendance).

    Students may not be checked out after 3:15 as they will be moving to their dismissal locations at that time.​

    The tardy bell rings promptly at 8:20. Students must be in class, ready to learn at this time. Any students not in their classroom at 8:20 will be marked tardy. Students must obtain an admittance slip from the office. All tardies are unexcused unless a written notice for an excused reason from a parent or doctor is submitted at the time of entry.

    Students who accumulate 5 unexcused tardies are not eligible for perfect attendance. Bad weather and traffic are not excused. Please plan accordingly on bad weather days for possible delays.

Contact Us

  • Amber Kruse, Registrar
    Phone: (281) 237-4505
    Fax: (281) 644-1615