• Soaring Singers

    Although all students at JHE participate in general music class, there are many who want more.  Choir is the answer!!   Listed below are the qualifications to be a Soaring Singer:

    1. Be in fifth grade at JHE
    2. Enjoy singing and moving to music
    3. Have a positive attitude 
    4. Be a team player
    5. Be committed to attending choir two mornings a week before school (Tuesdays & Thursdays)


    There are many benefits that result from the study of music.  The aesthetic joys of music making cannot be duplicated in any other art form; it is a communication unto itself.  It has also been found that the study of music strengthens the mind’s learning potential.  The students who are part of a music program tend to achieve at higher levels in all areas of school. Simply put: music makes better students, and music makes students better.  

    Choir can be used as a training ground for developing successful life-patterns.  The very qualities that are essential for success in business and education, such as analytical skills, self-discipline, communication skills and creative thinking, are the foundation blocks of the music program.  What your child is learning in music and choir is preparing him/her for a more prosperous and enjoyable life.