Who Can Volunteer

  • In a word:  EVERYONE!

    Volunteering isn't just something people "do" in Katy ISD.  Our volunteers define who we are.  Here, volunteerism is an inherent tradition and part of our culture, woven into the fiber of every single campus.  Principals recognize the value volunteers bring to their schools.  Teachers recognize that volunteers help them better serve children.  And as for our students – they are so accustomed to seeing volunteers at their schools, they wouldn't know what to do without them.  We know people have busy lives with kids and jobs and other commitments.  That's why we make volunteering simple and easy for them, which ultimately makes education better for our students.


    Katy ISD requires all volunteers serving on or off-campus during or after the instructional day to register with the district through its Raptor security system.

    Katy ISD’s Raptor safety protocol will require volunteers to register (or re-register) annually, thus creating a new volunteer profile each year. 

    The District's Raptor Volunteer Initiative provides an additional layer of protection for our Katy ISD students, staff, volunteers, and visitors, prioritizing the safety and security of our entire Katy ISD family.

    Once registered and approved, individual volunteers can submit and track hours via their volunteer profile for every Katy ISD campus at which they volunteer. The system also provides quick and easy submission of individual off-campus volunteer hours.

  • Parents’ smiling faces and supportive attitudes are commonplace, as parents volunteer in various activities, events, and instructional programs in order to help our little Wranglers.  Partnerships are invaluable to our success and continue to grow in participation each year.  Our partners include, the YMCA, Junior Achievement, McDonald’s, and Kroger’s. 

    BP Corporation generously donated $10,000 in grant funds to provide an after school energy science club for Williams Elementary students.  Because of the generous support of the Williams PTA, the school has purchased a myriad of teaching materials, technology hardware, equipment and furniture.  The PTA has also sponsored multiple opportunities for the professional teaching staff to attend workshops all over the state of Texas. 

Contact Us

  • Cydney Wright, Partners In Education Coordinator
    Phone: (281) 396-2468