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  • JWE Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I contact Mrs. Poursoltan, JWE's counselor?

    The counselor is available to assist any family with questions or concerns. The most efficient way to contact her is through the use of email ( You may reach her by phone at 281-237-7231. Please leave a detailed voice message and she will return your call as quickly as possible.

    What if my child forgets their lunch?

    You may bring your child’s lunch to the front office by 10:00 am and it will be delivered to a cart in the cafeteria before their lunch time. Please note: the front office will not make deliveries after 10:00 am, and “fast food” will not be delivered to the students. If you want to provide “fast food” for your student, you must stay and take it to the cafeteria at your student’s lunch time.

    What if my child needs to leave during the school day?

    You can check your child out at the front office for appointments. Be sure to bring your photo ID. It may take a few minutes to locate your child from specials or the playground so please allow enough time. If you take your child out prior to 10:00, please bring a note from the doctor and present it upon your return to school. This will prevent your child from having an absence. If the student has an early appointment and comes to school afterwards, bring a note from the doctor and the student will not be marked tardy for the day. Tardies and late check-ins, even with a doctor’s note, will count against perfect attendance. Students may not be checked out after 3:00 as they will be moving to their dismissal locations at that time.

    What if my child is ill and can’t come to school?

    Parents SHOULD email their student’s absences to our absence email. Please include: Student name, teacher name, date of illness, and reason for illness
    The email address is:

    Criteria for Free and Reduced Meals

    All households who may benefit from free or reduced-priced school meals are encouraged to complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application. For faster application processing, please complete an application . Only one application per year per household is required.

    Gifted and Talented information
    What is the Challenge Program?

    The Challenge Program is KISD's Elementary Gifted and Talented Program.  It is a 1 day per week pull out program. 

    How can my child be screened for the Gifted and Talented (GT) program?

    Screening for gifted services is done by grade level.  Kindergarten and 5th grade screenings are done in the Fall.  Grades 1 – 4 screening is done in the Spring.  Identified  students will be admitted into the program in the fall of the next academic year.  For more information about screening procedures and deadlines, please visit the JWE GT website:

    What if I'm new to the school and my child was already identified as gifted in their old school?

    Transfer students are screened for the Challenge program all year long.  Please visit the Transfer student page on the JWE GT website: for information on how to initiate screening for your child.