SE Staff Directory

Administration Dr. Kari Nelson Torres Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

Administration Gretty Eagen Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

Administration Karla Sanchez Assistant Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

Instructional Support Marissa Cilento Instructional Coach - ELA    Contact Phone: 281.237.5755   

Instructional Support Esmeralda Duran Instructional Coach - Math/Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.5751   

Instructional Support Courtney Grass Instructional Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.7411   

Counselor Melisa Roberts Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.237.5746   

Administrative Support Cathy Hutto Textbook/Attendance Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.5414   

Administrative Support Elizabeth Lupian Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.6093   

Administrative Support Gina Plake Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.5406   

Administrative Support Angelina Sghaier Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.237.6081   

Nurse Karri Loo Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.237.5425   

Nurse Isabel Serrano-Garcia Nurse's Aide    Contact Phone:    

Pre-Kindergarten Adriana Buosi Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.2671   

Pre-Kindergarten Carolina Calderon Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5761   

Pre-Kindergarten Rachel Fennell Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5752   

Pre-Kindergarten Catherine Martinez Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

Pre-Kindergarten Jenny Mauney Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5441   

Pre-Kindergarten Victoria McElyea Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5725   

Pre-Kindergarten Lizbeth Mora Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5750   

Pre-Kindergarten Andreina Romero Pirela Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5770   

Kindergarten Tiffany Ferris Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5409   

Kindergarten Cindy Guaman Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5786   

Kindergarten Sarah Harder (Team Leader) Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.8420   

Kindergarten Megan Malone Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5419   

Kindergarten Minerva Zurita Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5767   

1st Grade Sharla Daniel Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.0439   

1st Grade Patricia Fanfani Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5447   

1st Grade Dawn Martin (Team Leader) Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5790   

1st Grade Alida Mouranie Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5734   

1st Grade Isabella Tovalin Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

2nd Grade Rosalinda Campollo Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5730   

2nd Grade Meagan Diezi Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5732   

2nd Grade Consuelo Gallagher (Team Leader) Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5736   

2nd Grade Ilich Guerra Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5411   

2nd Grade Mallori Mazyck Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.   

2nd Grade Myra Penano Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6083   

3rd Grade Leida Castillo Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5739   

3rd Grade Shelbie Freeman (Team Leader) Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5726   

3rd Grade Susan Kolosseus Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.1413   

3rd Grade Carolina Srb Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5400   

3rd Grade Carrie Winters Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5757   

4th Grade Christina Casanova Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5794   

4th Grade Abbie Gardner (Team Leader) Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6099   

4th Grade Amy Gutierrez Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5432   

4th Grade Ronda Minyard Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5861   

4th Grade Michelle Mitchell Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5780   

4th Grade Lissette Neuman Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6085   

5th Grade Christina Ondier (Team Leader) Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6087   

5th Grade Gabriela Randolph Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5737   

5th Grade Kourtney Singleton Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6077   

5th Grade Traci Talavera Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.9954   

5th Grade Denisse Varela Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5761   

5th Grade Maria Vargas Bilingual Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5784   

Specials (Art, Library, Music, PE) Andrew Carter P.E. Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5774   

Specials (Art, Library, Music, PE) Agustina Garcia Music Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5773   

Specials (Art, Library, Music, PE) Evelyn Perez (Team Leader) Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.237.5758   

Specials (Art, Library, Music, PE) Karen Phillips Art Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5743   

Specials Eric Ruiz P.E. Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5408   

Specials (Art, Library, Music, PE) Inga Scialabba Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6091   

Challenge Ann Treat Challenge Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.9407   

Title I Victoria Abrego Title 1 - Bilingual    Contact Phone: 281.237.5772   

Title I Roxanne Forster Academic Support Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5754   

Title I Zack Gallagher (Team Leader) Title 1 Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5772   

Title I John Storms Title I Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5749   

Academic Support Geovany Hernandez Juarez (Team Leader) Bilingual Academic Support Teacher/ Bilingual Leader    Contact Phone: 281.237.5788   

Academic Support Leah Miller Academic Support Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5436   

Academic Support Yaremi Rivero Bilingual Academic Support Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5792   

Academic Support Karla Rodriguez Bilingual Academic Support Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5435   

Academic Support Judy Rogers Academic Support Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5442   

ESL Lucky Henry ESL Instructional Support Specialty Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5733   

ESL Yvonne Smith ESL Instructional Support Specialty Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5740   

Special Education Leslie Bravo ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5793   

Special Education - ARD Regina Campbell ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.6097   

Special Education Yasmin Guzman (Team Leader) ICS/Resource/SPED Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.237.5746   

Special Education Charlandra Long ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6075   

Special Education Lazaro Medina Bilingual ICS/Resource Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5748   

Special Education Kelsey Nelon ICS/Resource Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5783   

Special Education Carrie Powell ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6090   

Special Education Saneria Reed ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6089   

Special Education Rith Rosario ICS/Resource Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5752   

Special Education Maryanna Salas ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.   

Special Education Mary Sanchez ICS/Resource Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5423   

Special Education Krystine Scott ICS/Resource Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6084   

Special Education Elena Suarez ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.   

Autism Support and Intervention Program Steffany Ascencio ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6085   

Autism Support and Intervention Program Maria Gonzalez ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.9097   

Autism Support and Intervention Program Maggie Guerra ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6098   

Autism Support and Intervention Program Lesley Trembulak (Team Leader) ASIP Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5762   

Dyslexia Jennifer Alexander Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5428   

Dyslexia Brenda Silva Bilingual Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.6095   

Life Skills Christine Johnson Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.5416   

Life Skills Inez Prieto Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5420   

Life Skills Maria Varela Molina Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6088   

YCAP Sheila Mazuranic YCAP Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5787   

YCAP Jacqueline Rubalcaba YCAP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6092   

YCAP Edna Silva Cisneros YCAP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6094   

Early Childhood Special Education Laura Karl Bilingual ECSE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5430   

Early Childhood Special Education Lorelitzzie Lugo Bilingual ECSE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.6076   

Early Childhood Special Education Alexia Perez ECSE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5432   

Early Childhood Special Education Erika Rodriguez Bilingual ECSE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.5443   

Early Childhood Special Education Heather Terry ECSE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.5771   

Early Childhood Special Education Terri Thibodeaux ECSE Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.4171   

Diagnostician Alyssa Oenning Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.237.6082   

Speech Abbey Preece Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.237.0436   

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Mayra Sanchez LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2591   

Parent Center Ruveida Feroze Parent Center Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.2242   

Custodians Nayeli Gonzalez Hernandez Head Custodian    Contact Phone: 281.237.5439   

Cafeteria Anita Lemonudas Cafeteria Manager    Contact Phone: 281.237.5427   

Custodians Maria Rodriguez Asst. Custodian    Contact Phone: 281.237.5439