About Us

  • School Colors:  Orange and White
    School Mascot: Armadillo
    School Vision:  To create a Legacy of Life-Long Learners

    Mission Statement: At Sundown Elementary, our goal is to provide each student with a safe, supportive and positive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning! 

    In 1982, Sundown Elementary first opened its doors to the Armadillo community. In an area bordered by Fry Road, Westgreen Blvd., South Mayde Creek, and Interstate 10, you will find our energetic, intelligent, and talented roll of Armadillos. Since that first year, the administrators and staff have committed themselves to providing a warm, safe, and challenging environment that has promoted self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning! Through the valuable contributions of parent and community groups such as Friends of Sundown, students have been afforded educational opportunities that have enhanced and enriched their educational experiences in all subject fields.

    With an academic vision of creating a Legacy of Lifelong Learners, we look forward to continuing to work hand and hand with each parent to provide and deliver a quality educational experience for every student that walks through our doors.