• King Elementary
    1901 Charlton House Lane Katy, Texas 77493 
    Phone: 281-237-6850 Fax: 281-644-1595
    Tammi Wilhelm – Principal

    Helpful Information 2021/2022

    Attendance: On the day the student is absent, please call 281-237-6850. 
    If you do not call the front office, your student will be marked UNEXCUSED. AN ATTENDANCE LETTER IS SENT WHEN A STUDENT HAS 3 OR MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES IN A 4-WEEK PERIOD OR 10 OR MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES IN A 6-MONTH PERIOD. Please visit the Compulsory Attendance / Truancy link for 
    more information.

    Compulsory Attendance / Truancy
    • When a student has excessive absences for personal illness that EXCEED five (5) consecutive days, or a total of eight (8) days within a six-month period, a Failure to Attend School letter is issued and the student is placed on Doctor Note Required status. Five school days are allotted to clear any discrepancies once the letter is sent. A doctor’s note is required the day after the absence once the student is placed on a doctor’s note required status.

    Change of Transportation/Dismissal: A written note must be sent to the student’s teacher indicating the change. Please include the first and last name of a student, date of change and if it is permanent or 1 day change.

    ***We will not accept changes for multiple days.

    • All transportation changes must be received by 2:45 p.m.
    • Faxed and emailed transportation changes must include a copy of the parent/guardian’s ID. 
    o Fax # 281-644-1595
    o Email changes at

    Please call the office to make sure the fax or email was received.
    • We do not accept changes of transportation by phone calls or voice messages.

    Early Checkouts: Parents/Guardians are the only ones allowed to check the students out of school or separate documentation with parent signature, copy of parent ID, and first and last name of a student must be provided if an emergency contact will pick up the student. Remember to bring your identification. We will not release the student without identification.

    ***Students may not be checked out after 2:45 p.m. as they prepare for dismissal

    Withdrawals: Parent/Guardian should notify the Registrar to request a withdrawal form with 48 hours advance notice. Library books and/or electronic devices must be returned and cafeteria accounts cleared.

    Home Access Center (HAC): Parents/Guardians can access the Web portal to view their students grades online. E-mail links are also available throughout the portal so parents can communicate with the school and teachers. If you need your log in information, please contact the Registrar. 

    Planners, Lanyards and ID’s: If your student loses their lanyard, a replacement may be purchased. If your student loses their ID, a replacement must be purchased. ID badges are essential to safety, lunch and library.
    Lanyards: $1.00 ID’s: $3.00

    Important Phone Numbers:
    • Nicole Demo (Nurse) 281-237-6875
    • Maria Ortega (Registrar/Attendance) 281-237-6855
    • Cafeteria 281-237-6877
    • Transportation 281-396-7560

Contact Us

  • Maria G Ortega Torres, Registrar
    Phone: (281) 237-6855