About MGE

  • 2019-2020 Theme: "Adventure Awaits"
    Mascot: Grizzly Bear
    School Colors: Teal and Orange

    Grizzly Pledge
    At MGE, we are blazing new trails. We are ready with supplies, great attitudes, strong effort, and open minds. Together, we discover new ideas, solve problems, and assist others. We are the Griffin Grizzlies! Rrrrroar!

    About Griffin Elementary
    At Griffin Elementary, you will find a warm, inviting campsite where curious bear cubs are on an exciting path to excellence. Students, teachers, staff and the community alike are committed to making this exceptional school a “Grrrrrrrreat” place to learn and grow.

    Griffin Elementary’s student-centered environment embraces the unique learning styles of all students. It is the goal for each and every Grizzly to become a capable, confident and life-long learner. Through discovery and exploration, students will gain values, knowledge and skills to reach their maximum potential. Unique Programs such as Character Counts focus on the whole student, teaching the value of respect, responsibility, generosity and perseverance.

    Devoted administrators and teachers carefully guide students through every twist and turn along the path to learning. Teachers have loaded up their backpacks, filled with enthusiasm and expertise, and are hitting the trails marked for success. Their fireside stories are about meeting children’s needs, promoting continuous life-long learning, using technology in the classroom, and working collaboratively and reflectively for student success.

    Griffin Elementary is fortunate to have the support of parents, community and local businesses. Supporting Griffin are numerous volunteers who began preparations for our first day of school several months ago and who continue to help with daily activities. PTA moms and dads installed the beautiful new playground, raise funds for school projects, and assist teachers with special needs. Michael L. Griffin, the school’s treasured namesake, regularly volunteers his time and challenges students with math and science questions in the school’s weekly newsletter.

    With supportive administrators and teachers as their trail guides, the Griffin Grizzlies are sure to make tracks to excellence.

    Mission Statement
    At Griffin Elementary, we ignite a passion for learning by providing dynamic, targeted instruction through goal-oriented teaching. It is our desire to provide every child with the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve maximum potential. We challenge all students to become capable, confident, life-long learners, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and ethical contributors to society. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual learner and strive to enable all students and staff to achieve their goals in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment of mutual respect where school, home, and community support one another.

    Vision Statement
    Destination - learning for all!; Path - paved in a positive, safe, nurturing environment.; Compass - checked frequently and responded to appropriately.