​​​Michael L. Griffin

  • In a career spanning from classroom teacher to interim superintendent, Michael L. Griffin tirelessly devoted 30 years of service to the Katy Independent School District. He earned a reputation as one of the most respected administrators during his tenure. Griffin's leadership abilities were realized long before the start of his career. A Katy High School alumnus, Griffin served as senior class president. He graduated from Katy in 1966, becoming the only Katy graduate to enroll that year at Texas A&M University. In 1970, he received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and returned to Katy.

    Once aspiring to become a computer programmer, Griffin's career path took a different turn upon hearing about a math teacher shortage in Katy. He quickly paid a visit to Superintendent James E. Taylor who hired him to teach 8th grade math at Katy Junior High and drive a school bus.

    In 1975, Griffin earned a master's degree in educational administration. He went on to teach math and computer courses at Katy High School, later becoming the assistant principal. Soon after, Griffin was promoted to supervisor of the district's first purchasing department and central warehouse operation. In 1987, he was named director of business services. Two years later, the board named Griffin interim superintendent.

    In his last position, he served as the assistant superintendent of support services. Griffin supervised transportation, food services, maintenance, police department, print shop, textbooks, fixed assets, elections, and data processing. Under his guidance, local area networks to all classrooms were established, as well as the district wide area network and Internet connectivity. As the cherished namesake of Griffin Elementary, Griffin continues his vital work with the district.