About Us

  • School Colors: Red & Black
    School Mascot: The Exley Express
    2020-2021 School Theme: "Full Steam Ahead!"

    Our Mission Statement

    Exley Elementary, together with family and community, will provide unparalleled learning experiences designed to prepare and inspire each student to live an honorable, fulfilling life—to create the future.

    More About Us

    Much like a steam locomotive, Exley Elementary rolled into the station with a strong start. Everyone who hops on board notices an atmosphere that makes students and visitors alike feel at home.

    Engineering the journey is a hand-selected staff that has customer service and customer satisfaction as its goal. As passengers step on the train, they are greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. Each member of the staff thrives on student success and student well-being.

    Assisting on the fast track is a legion of volunteers that includes parents, community members, and business partners. Volunteers are working in every aspect of school life including clerical work, curriculum delivery, grant writing, and donations. Without this group, the Exley Express would not stay on track.

    Regardless of your reason to visit Exley Elementary, you will find a train with a variety of cars, securely connected to one another, moving in the same direction…all on the right track!

    In the quest for excellence the Exley community will provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment to maximize individual achievement and foster life long learning.