The Express Book Stop

  • The Express Book Stop is a student run book store set up to promote reading at all grade levels. All earnings go toward purchasing more books to put in the hands of children. Each year, teachers nominate fourth grade students to be interviewed to work at the Express Book Stop. Once students are chosen, they work almost every Friday morning from 7:45 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. from September to May.  Jobs for the Express Book Stop include:

    • cashier
    • inventory clerk
    • stamper/tally
    • security guard
    • advertising

    The Express Book Stop carries chapter and picture books for all age groups. All books are only $3.00.  We accept cash and checks.  Publications from different genres include:

    • nonfiction
    • poetry
    • mysteries
    • science fiction
    • biographies
    • folk tales​


  • Kris Frederick
    Phone: (281) 237-8458

    Ellen Farrar
    Phone: (281) 237-1496