WCJH Staff Directory

Administration Dr. Andrew Lowry Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.0806   

Administration Karla Beek Assistant Principal Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.0811   

Administration Lauren Merriman Assistant Principal 6th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.0813   

Administration Ryan Saam Assistant Principal 7th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.0812   

Administration Derek Ankney Assistant Principal 8th Grade    Contact Phone: 281.234.0814   

Administrative Office Staff Robin Wollin Principal's Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.0806   

Administrative Office Staff Tiffany Hoffman Assistant Principals' Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.0816   

Administrative Office Staff Sheila Adams Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.0809   

Administrative Office Staff Betty Covert Registrar; Counselors' Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.0924   

Administrative Office Staff Elizabeth Anderson ADA (Attendance)    Contact Phone: 281.234.0888   

Administrative Office Staff Cheryl Hand Assistant Principal's Secretary; Textbooks; Maintenance    Contact Phone: 281.234.0834   

Administrative Office Staff Khanh Vo Financial Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.0805   

Counselors Jessie Clay 6th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.0862   

Counselors Aiesha Mercadel 8th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.0831   

Counselors Meghan McCarthy 7th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281. 234.0892   

Electives Connie Plocek Principles of Human Services; Career Investigations;Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.0847   

Electives Kendall Wrubel Principals of Human Services; Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.237.2724   

Electives Robert Hall Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.0928   

Electives Dominique Yon Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.8115   

Electives Bobby Guess Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.2024   

Electives Bryan Cremer Asst Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0827   

Electives Kathryn Rohed Asst Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0827   

Electives Anne Guess Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0845   

Electives Zachary Barba Asst Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0835   

Electives Klayton Hoefler Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0980   

Electives Erin Delavan Asst Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.234.0201   

Electives Uriel Baez Principles of Applied Engineering and Manufacturing    Contact Phone: 281.234.0860   

Electives Raquel Blalock Principles of Info Tech;Touch Systems Data Entry & Web Comm; Publications; Student Announcements; Web Content Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.0866   

Electives Luis Domenech Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.4676   

Electives Monica Roque Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.0800   

Electives Denise Moreno Theatre Arts    Contact Phone: 281.234.0871   

Electives Matthew Lusk Theatre Arts    Contact Phone: 281.234.0838   

Electives Angela Feeney Theatre Arts    Contact Phone: 281.234.0886   

Language Arts Jennifer Owen 7th; Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.0926   

Language Arts Christopher Whiteley 7th; NJHS    Contact Phone: 281.234.0992   

Language Arts Kaleigh Hoag 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0873   

Language Arts Joanna McEntire 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.8116   

Language Arts Valerie Schulze 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0824   

Language Arts Hunter Gossett 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0962   

Language Arts Ramsi Hooper 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0952   

Language Arts Gloria Perry 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0826   

Language Arts Katy Agiannidis 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0821   

Language Arts Candice Trimm 7th; NJHS; Destination Imagination    Contact Phone: 281.234.0879   

Language Arts Baylor Wrubel 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0949   

Language Arts Vanessa Ledbetter 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0850   

Language Arts Karin Lemke 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0823   

Language Arts Brytni Stassi 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0869   

Language Arts Tara Bergman 8th; Student Council    Contact Phone: 281.234. 0941   

Language Arts Leslie Herring 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0853   

Language Arts Keva Horry 6th-8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0837   

Language Arts Karli Lintner ESOL; Cheer    Contact Phone: 281.234.0993   

Language Arts Raven Lathrop ESOL    Contact Phone: 281.234.0973   

Language Arts Margarita Wells ESOL Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.0993   

Language Arts Corena Caminos ESOL Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.0891   

Math Emily Henry 8th; Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.9848   

Math Allyson Patterson 6th & 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0999   

Math Tracy Lutes 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0889   

Math Jennifer Tadlock 8th Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.0857   

Math Hayley Strickler-Johnson 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0868   

Math Lori Keefner 8th    Contact Phone: 281.237.8220   

Math Amy Blankenship 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0971   

Math Nathaly Carrasco 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0859   

Math Jessica Fleming 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0819   

Math Kaleigh Tsika 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2895   

Math TBD 6th, 7th & 8th Math Lab    Contact Phone:    

Science Kaley Miller 6th; Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.0910   

Science; Pep Squad Amy Williams 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0829   

Science Jennifer Vacek 6th/7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0858   

Science Micah Kerber 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0917�   

Science Krystal Carter 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0863�   

Science Jhonnette Smith 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0830   

Science; Science Olympiad Lindsay Van Wyk 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0938   

Science Jacqueline Weatherwax 7th; Science Olympiad;    Contact Phone: 281.237.0104   

Science Kendal Heath 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0970   

Science Ryan Yancy 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0934�   

Science Michael Gavigan 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0877�   

Social Studies Robert Schindler 7th & 8th; Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.0956   

Social Studies Jennifer Gerdes 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0942   

Social Studies Whitney Irving 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0994   

Social Studies Amy Knobbe 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234-0966   

Social Studies Anna Worley 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0972   

Social Studies Katina Robalino 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0843   

Social Studies Kacee Howard 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0881   

Social Studies Cheryl Mohn 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0822   

Social Studies Joseph Stornello 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0800   

Social Studies Kyle Gosline 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.0800   

Physical Education Todd Lighter Athletic Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.0841   

Physical Education Phillip Soliz Boys' PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0870   

Physical Education Tim Spurlock Boys' PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0885   

Physical Education Charles Troncale Boys' PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0840   

Physical Education Lauran DeForke Asst Athletic Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.0818   

Physical Education Natalie Arndt Girls' PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0856   

Physical Education Carly Campbell Girl's PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0927   

Physical Education Ashley Byrd Girls' PE    Contact Phone: 281.234.0844   

Special Education Serafin Vences Department Chair    Contact Phone: 281.234.0851   

Special Education Jill Walton Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.234.0901   

Special Education Kara Kelly Resource/Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.237.1098   

Special Education Shentika Nickens Resource 6-8    Contact Phone: 281.234.0887   

Special Education Erik Ybarra PASS Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.0981   

Special Education Stacy Barber ALT/CT 6-8    Contact Phone: 281.234.0875   

Special Education Curiea Allen PASS    Contact Phone: 281.234.0846   

Special Education Diana Chau Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.0800   

Special Education Veronica Aguillon Life Skills Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.0939   

Special Education Maria Rodriguez Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.234.0896   

Special Education Subathra Dhinaker Co-Teach    Contact Phone: 281.234.0961   

Support Staff Margaret Bomkamp ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.0854   

Support Staff Shahla Schiebel Clinic Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.0825   

Support Staff Tiffanye Dorsey Diagnostician    Contact Phone: 281.234.0800   

Support Staff Dina Gleason ICS Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.0880   

Support Staff Julie Dupont Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.8158   

Support Staff Lucinda Garcia Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.8158   

Support Staff Kendall Zurbuchen GT Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.1789   

Support Staff Karissa Hubbard-Grave ICS Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.0935   

Support Staff Grace Wilson ICS Para    Contact Phone: 281.234.0876   

Support Staff Kristi Campbell Instructional Coach Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.0817   

Support Staff William Stubblefield Instructional Coach RLA    Contact Phone: 281.234.3488   

Support Staff TaraWood Instructional Coach Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.0914   

Support Staff Melody Murray Instructional Coach SS    Contact Phone: 281.234.0930   

Support Staff Angelia Barry ISS    Contact Phone: 281.234.0947   

Support Staff Deanna Saenz Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.234.0883   

Support Staff Elizabeth Anderson Librarian Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.0888   

Support Staff Nancy Hasner School Psychologist    Contact Phone: 281.237.9128   

Support Staff Brittany Kemery Nurse    Contact Phone: 281.234.0825   

Support Staff TBD Social Worker    Contact Phone: 281.396.2467   

Support Staff Chandrani Ray Speech    Contact Phone: 281.234.0115   

Support Staff Sarah Jackson Technology    Contact Phone: 281.237.4859   

Support Staff Tamera Jones Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.0905   

Social Studies Stephen Deforke 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2854