About Us

  • School Colors: Maroon and White
    ​School Mascot: Bulldog​

    Named after longtime Katy educators Rodger and Ellen Beck, Katy ISD’s sixth junior high opened in 1996. Continuing today, there is a legacy of excellence. Students and parents love Beck Junior High (BJH). Families work closely with the staff at BJH to create events and bring the community to our school. BJH works very hard at creating a family-friendly school environment. Our practices recognize a variety of parenting traditions and practices within the school community.  


    The curriculum, instruction, and assessment focus at BJH is guided by the TEKS, the Katy ISD unit plans, and Katy ISD cornerstones. We promote life skills for students including critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication, information literacy, emotional literacy, problem-solving, and social contribution.


    At Beck Junior High, all staff believe that through collaboration and commitment to students and their needs, all students can be successful and productive. One of the core beliefs at BJH is that students learn best in an environment where differences are valued and mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and grow. Students find the school to be warm, welcoming, fun, challenging, and safe. Due to the success of student involvement in extracurricular activities, community socials, and academic achievement, BJH supports the growth of the whole child and family. 


    Our school is a safe environment where children are valued and respected. When you walk into BJH, you will feel welcomed by all staff and students. 


    Our Mission:

    Beck Junior High School, in partnership with parents, the community, and through the provision of balanced academic and extracurricular programs, will provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and lifelong independent, collaborative learning in order to equip students to become the creators of the future.


    Our Vision:

    Cultivating the Future


    Our Motto:

    Relationships. Engagement. Excellence.