Counseling Services

  • Whole Group Guidance Lessons

    I teach meaningful, engaging guidance lessons to each homeroom class multiple times each year. Guidance lessons focus on a wide range of topics, like bullying, test-taking strategies, emotional regulation, and friendship skills. This is all in an effort to support students' academic, social and emotional success. The lessons are tailored to meet the individualized needs of each grade level. Teachers can request additional lesson(s) if their class shows the need. 


    Individual Counseling

    I provide short-term, individualized counseling to meet the mental health and behavioral needs of my students. I work with students on goal setting, problem-solving and teach them strategies to use in order to overcome personal obstacles. My main focus is addressing problems that impede success within the school environment. Also, I recognize and respond to students who have experienced trauma or are in a state of crisis. If a student requires ongoing, long-term support, I refer the family to an outside agency. 


    Small Group Counseling

    I provide short-term, goal focused small group counseling to meet the mental health and behavioral needs of my students. These students come together to work on a common need or concern. I facilitate the process by teaching the students strategies that will help them be successful both in the classroom and in the real world. Common small group topics include understanding and recognizing anxiety, emotional regulation and friendship skills. 


    Consultation and Referrals

    I collaborate and share strategies with parents, teachers and other community members to support student success and academic achievement. Additionally, I refer families to outside community support, resources and services whenever they are needed.